Are you having baths?

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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Just wondering, my gp told me not to, it was the only thing he told me not to do so I followed his advice till I realised that pg friends were having them so I had one a couple of weeks ago and wow it's the best thing ever :o0 :o0 Are you having them?
kopbabe Posts: 453
crikey yes, i luv my baths! never heard otherwise.
WinterGal Posts: 835
There's nothing more relaxing than a nice bath in the evening with some Radox and a few drops of Bio Oil to help with the stretching skin. I had heard that you shouldn't have baths but my attitude, did our mothers not have a bath for 9 months? Mine would not have had a shower so how else was she to get washed.
contented Posts: 2625
I know they don't recommend jacuzzi's or hot tubs in pregnancy because of something to do with raising the body temp too much. However, Tuesday night is bath night in my house and I'm enjoying mine too much not to have one. Plus I think in another few weeks I'll be able to get into the bath but not out!!! :o0 :o0
Milis in disguise Posts: 727
I've read on here a few times that you shouldn't have them, but the advice is not to have a [b:1mukjwtj]hot[/b:1mukjwtj] bath, have a warm one. I couldn't be bothered having a bath because I can't put my jacuzzi jets on :o0
neeov Posts: 4256
I miss my baths, but I only like nice hot ones so they are out. Its one of the things I am looking forward to once baby arrives, hot bath with a diet coke!!!
lollypop Posts: 317
Oh Yes... absolutely still having bath. Just after getting out of one. Lovely
Maybump Posts: 527
I was told it's ok to have baths once it's not too hot as it can raise your body temperature which isn't good for you or baby. SO you canstill have them but not very long ones as the water goes cold quite quick but still get to have a relax. [url=] [img:3tgsasmf];18;96/st/20090426/dt/5/k/cf9a/preg.png[/img:3tgsasmf] [/url]
theoracle Posts: 7664
God...haven't had a bath since dd2 was born (had bath in hospital)...wish I'd have the time and capability to relax, I am always on the fast forward button nowadays :o0
Wild Child Posts: 1694
I had a bath about a week ago and it was lovely DH had it ready when I got in and it was just what I needed ....he just made sure it was not too hot.....have to say I'm not really a bath person but it was soooo relaxing I heard baths were ok as long as there not too hot