Are you having flowergirls / page boys?

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Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
Just wondered how many people aren't. We don't have an small children in the family so I'm not but I think most people do seem to have several
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
We are having one flowergirl and that is because she is h2b's niece and my Godchild so we want her involved, only for that we would not be having any.
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Hey Im not having any. We are having our 2 ushers instead cause our nephews and cousins are going to be both 14.
SaJa Posts: 4282
We are having one of each. My niece as flowergirl and H2B's nephew as pageboy. Its a personal choice really but my niece is dying to get dressed up and I think pageboys look so cute in their little suits.
Ceana Posts: 1387
Undecided yet, I really want my newphew/godson & niece to be involved. But they are living in NZ, so it all depends if they all can afford to come home for the wedding. :o(
Singstar Posts: 323
Just having one flowergirl.
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I am in two minds about this as I have a goddaughter and H2B would have a niece so it would be nice, but the problem is, if I invite them as flowergirls am I opening the floodgates for children full stop?
Anonymous Posts: 24542
trance Posts: 3129
I'm in the same boat as Lippy, I have a goddaughter who is absolutely gorgeous (of course) but I also have a godson so would have to have him, then 2 other very close friends have 2 daughters and 2 sons respectively, neither of them are Catholics (oh my GOD, imagine!) so not strictly my godchildren but unofficially I think of them that way, I can't have 6 of them so that means I can't have any which is a shame but I guess at least it saves a bit of money!
MrsOBrien1412 Posts: 3971
We just had one flowergirl, she is hubby's niece and god child and she was the complete princess of the day if it wasn't for her working the room I wouldn't have got to say hi to everyone !