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stinky Posts: 606
I always go to McDonalds after the church! Even at a black tie wedding! The only time I didn't was as BIL2B's wedding last summer. I ate some sandwiches before we left for the church - the wedding was at 2 and the dinner was at 5.30 I think. I didn't have anything at the hotel but I wasn't starved out of my head for dinner.
bucketofchips Posts: 1913
[quote:1wrft8xm]I'm getting confused between canapes and crepes..canapes are the little au dourve thingies on bread/pastries/crackers and stuff isn't it? Little olives and tomatoes with cream cheese and the likes...???[/quote:1wrft8xm] Yep, canapés are normally savory or sweet small hors d'œuvres - they're basically supposed to whet your appetite. We had the following ones below. Mini bocconcini with olive, basil and dried tomato Deep–fried quail with garlic and peppercorns Millefeuille of smoked trout, artichoke and roasted red peppers Calzone filled with pumpkin, pinenuts and black olives Butterflied king prawns with lime and fresh herbs Shredded chicken tartlet with three peppers Crêpes are the really thin pancakes - again they can be savory or sweet - but I think for a wedding - canapés would be easier and less messy as they're designed to be held in one hand and basically gone in one mouthful.
AVENGER Posts: 4595
We are - mainly because they are part of the package