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Grace Ann Posts: 2464
go to the dress shop and try it on before your first fitting or when is a good time to have the first fitting? My dress is in the shop, Im just wondering if its too early for a first fitting or not. at the same time Id like to try my dress on and see what the shoes, veil, headpiece look like with it iykwim? O-O
Mrs Jones Posts: 566
It's a bit early for a fitting, you might as well wait until nearer the time, but you should be able to go into the shop and try on your dress with your shoes, veil etc. If any of your accessories don't go very well you will still have plenty of time to get something else. If I were you I would be dying to try it on anyway!
Jelly_Baby Posts: 41
Hey, I know you still have 5 months to go but it's such a bonus to get the full picture this early on. I'd defo go in and try it on with your veil and head piece. Then you'll know exactly what you will look like. Otherwise there is a lot of hoping involved on things going together. But i would not get any alterations done until the month/2months before as we all loose/put on a little on the lead up to the big day.
Grace Ann Posts: 2464