Are you monitored more closely when pg after mc?

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Hi all, Apologies about the title of the mail. Didn't quite know how to word it. I've had two early mc's - one at 8wks, one at 9wks. Pg again and I've decided to go private and rang my consultant's office to make an appointment. His secretary told me to make an appt with the Early Pregnancy Unit and then ring her after I have the scan (depending how it goes). I felt a little let down by this. I thought they might show a little more interest in me because I've had two mc's but I'm getting the same treatment I did after one. Should I expect more or am I being too precious about myself? I dunno. Just thought they might show a little more interest. J
mrsh2008 Posts: 898
sorry to say normally they treat you the same... new pregnancy..... i had one miss and when i was pregnant after it i went private aswell and just offered me an early scan..nothing else.. and again on this baby just the early scan and nothing else. maybe its different after 2... try and relax i know easier said then done.
Perci Posts: 3847
I would have at least expected your consultant to scan you rather than you having to go to the EPU (unless they're suggesting you have an internal because they can't really see anything by ultrasound until 8wks). I had 2 very early m/cs and my consultant saw me at 8wks on my 3rd and then every 4wks which would be normal. They really don't do anything actively unless you've had 3 m/cs because they consider 2 to be within the normal range (no consolation I know!). Really hope all goes well for you.
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Sorry to be blunt but no ur not really, 3 or more is considered an issue and needs to be monitored more closely but it also depends on the type of miscarriages u have had (after 3). I had two MC's before DD1 and I also lost her twin, but wasn't monitored any differently on DD2 or this one TBH Sorry
FingersCrossed2010 Posts: 71
In a Word - NO. I also had 2 miscarriags. One at 8wks, one at 12wks. Thankfully i'm pregnant again and have made it to week 31 without any problems. I'm public, so when my Doc was filling out my forms to send to the hospital, he requested an early scan, due to miscarriages, so I got an appt for 10wks, wheras usually its around 16wks. But i couldnt even wait till 10wks, I got myself a private scan booked for 8wks. In fairness, They probably see cases like us day in day out, that they dont see us as anymore special as a 1st time pregnancy. I completely understand how you feel though. Even now at my appt's, the Doc or midwife always quickly scans my files and says, "So, how are you feeling, I see this is your 1st pregnancy". First time i heard that i nearly burst into tears, i shouldnt be so sensitive about it i suppose, but i now always correct them, and say No, its my 3rd pregnancy, but its the first baby. They always apologise and re-read my notes where its quite clearly written that i'm on preg No. 3 !!