Are you or did you change your name to his?

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pigeonwife Posts: 3789
I am in the process now - have changed it at work and going to do the bank change tomorrow as I picked up the marriage cert today. I know it's been discussed but interested to see the results of a poll...
the winner Posts: 4148
I am changing it but I prefere my own name... but if we have children I would like us to have the same name. *)
Pingin 2010 Posts: 142
I will be changing my mane, i just like the idea of having the same name as my husband and i have no sentimental attachment to my surname now!! I'll still be the same person!!
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
I am slowly changing mine, passport is still in maiden name. Its amazing how attached to a name you get.
HighMaintenance26 Posts: 2303
Yeah I'm goign to change my name to his, his mother also has the same 1st name as me, so it is going to be prettying confusing for the post man :o0
Fallenout Posts: 147
Can't wait to change mine!!! I'd be proud to!!
macsmissus Posts: 928
I'm not going to change mine (well not right away anyway). I've a double barrelled name already so it would mean dropping one or both of those.
April2010Bride Posts: 84
I think I'll be changing mine. H2B really wants me to and I quite like the idea of having the same surname. I know it would mean a lot to him.
LittleFoot Posts: 480
I'm definitely gonna change to my h2b's surname! :o)ll Never really thought my name fit with my surname to well so I'll be delighted to change, I'm the same as high_maintenance26 with my FMIL's name being the same as mine, its so embarrassing when someone calls our name and asks a question and we both answer even though it is obvious after the fact that it was only meant for the other one!! :-8
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
I have taken his name but have kept my own name for work. I do want our children, if we're blessed with them, to have his name and to be a family with all the same name.