Are you planning a hol before babs comes along?

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Butttons Posts: 812
Hi girls, are you planning a holiday before babs comes along? I'm wondering if we should. I know they don't really recommend travelling in the last trimester but with work and lack of hols left for year I wouldn't be able to go til Jan (due in march). I think even a few relaxing days down the country would be nice.
CCAF Posts: 502
Hey, i wanted to go somewhere just for a week, somewhere nice and sunny! However had 5 days in spain wiht friends when i was 10 weeks pregnant and found it really hard. I normally like the sun but couldnt bear it, even got a brown sun mark (age spot??) on my forehead. Im definitely not going to go to the sun now and like you im due in March. We will have a few days in a nice hotel in ireland at the end of october and if i feel like it maybe again in jan or feb, but to be honest by that stage, i think i will be happy to have a week off at home, relaxing and reading :wv
MonkeySocks Posts: 1185
I am going to Scotland for 6 days to see my family next week before baby comes along - it will be the last chance I will have to go home before then! Not really a holiday as such but looking forward to it!! :o)ll :o)ll
babs76 Posts: 1000
Hi there - I'm 19 weeks and I'm just back from a week in the Algarve. It was lovely as the weather wasnt too hot and we got a really good deal. Spent all my time eating, sitting by the pool / beach and reading. My DH got out for 2 rounds of golf so all in all it was a great break away. As I'm in the second trimester it was probably a good time to go, I'm not sure how i would feel like in the last trimester but I'm sure if you are feeling Ok now then there is no reason why you couldnt go for a week somewhere, it will do you the world of good All the best with the rest of the pregnancy
blondiechick Posts: 1641
We have flights to New York booked for New Years eve but I will be 33 weeks pregnant and I can't get my travel insurance to cover me so we will have to pull out I'm afraid :o(
justwed09 Posts: 2349
trying to convince DH to go to lanzorote in Jan for a week. once feb comes i'll be over amount of weeks airlines will allow you to travel so hoping to go end of jan
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
We had booked to go to Malta in December but looks like we won't be going now. Hadn't booked flights so are only losing €240 for the accommodation. Main reasons for not going are; 1. Can't take advantage of the all inclusive cocktails 2. Can't eat in my favourite restaurant (sushi!) 3. Can't go in the sauna, jacuzzi, hot tub, hydro pool, etc 4. Flying will be pretty uncomfortable by that stage And finally am short holidays for it as had to take time off for FILs funeral. So we are off to Donegal for 5 nights next week instead. Can't wait but will be sad when December comes and no Malta :o(
Scrummy Posts: 183
Im going to Ny for a week next wk- hope Im not taking on too much but Im going to try relax more and shop less if possible!
spinning jinny Posts: 425
I'm heading to NYC late Nov, I'll be 26 weeks then. Like you Scrummy, I hope to do sights and basically enjoy the city more. I've done the shopping thing and it's the same stuff all the time so not so pushed on the shopping side of things - well that's what I say now anyway!! Doctor will give me a letter for the airline to say all is ok so fingers crossed. Would hate it if I didn't get to go!! I'm really looking forward to the cold, cold weather there - I can't handle how warm I am here in Ireland at the minute, it's driving me crazy!!
joer Posts: 1617
we're off on honeymoon in December to Lanz for 10 days, booked a villa with private pool, tv, sky, dvd player and outdoor eating, so we can have a nice quiet relaxing time, and I wont be selfconsious with my bump if lying in the sun or swimming - cant wait :)