Are you renting or buying the groom and groomsmens' suits?

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MaggieBee Posts: 1047
Hi wollies, this came up in conversation between H2B and myself last night and we weren't sure, what is the norm? I know lots of ppl rent them from Blacktie etc. but then I've heard of ppl getting really good deals buying too..I know its totally up to you what you want to do but I'm just wondering what you are all doing/what you did? If you could give me an idea of costs too that would be brilliant as we are trying to come up with a real budget of the total cost we're looking at for everything..thanks in advance :thnk :thnk :thnk
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
We're renting from Youngs (Suits for You or Suits You can't remember) in Liffey Valley. Mainly cos H2B wants the traditional wedding suit you know with the waistcoat and cravat and hanky? So he wouldn't wear that again to say a friend or relatives wedding, so it'd be a bit of a waste to buy it. If your H2B is planning on wearing an ordinary suit, you know, not the 'morning' suit as such then maybe it WOULD be worth buying a really gorgeous one that he could wear again at other weddings/functions and look really sharp in? Cost wise, we got a great 20 per cent discount deal at a wedding fair. So, we're getting five adult suits with waistcoat, cravat and matching hanky in the wedding colours. We get a fitting three months before and another ten days before to make sure they're perfect. We can take them away with us ten days before the wedding and we can keep them for several days after. Our wedding is on Thursday and the guy in the shop said even dropping them back the following Monday or Tuesday would be fine. There's accidental damage cover too, in case of a cigarette burn, broken zip, glass of red wine dropped all over the suit, that's all covered and we wouldn't have to pay extra for that when dropping back the suits. So with the discount, it came to €375 ( I THINK...can't remember the exact figure, but deffo WELL under €400. We thought it was a good deal anyway!
Napoles Posts: 71
Wow, SK, that sounds like a great deal. H2B wants to buy the suits, but with each suit possibly costing around 300 and three of them needed as he has two groomsmen, it seems like renting is a really good option. He doesn't want to do the whole morning suit thing though - just a normal (hopefully sharp) suit.
MaggieBee Posts: 1047
Wow that is brilliant value thanks Smileykaz!! And we're in Dublin so could get to Liffey're right had never even thought of that re type of suit and if he will wear it again, although I think he does want to wear the traditional 'morning' suit and would probably never wear it again like your H2B so would make more sense to rent then... I'll talk to him later about it again, but when we were talking figures for the budget he said 'oh well a nice suit is at least 400 so that's 1,200 into the budget for himself and the 2 groomsmen!!' Seemed like a lot, but then like you say if they are all going to wear them again it could be worth it...also could be our gift to the GMs as well as paying for their rooms on the night of our wedding. Sounds like a great deal though will definitely be looking there if we do decide to rent them, thanks again for the tip :wv
sugarkk Posts: 1384
Hey there, we're renting. H2B owns some fab suits but they are quite modern, whilst the dress and venue, etc. are pretty traditional. So rather than buy him something he wouldn't wear again, we've decided to rent (looking for something along the lines of what John O'Shea wore for his wedding - who knew he'd scrub up so well??). We're going to some places in Naas this Friday as our venue is in Killashee (which will make it handy for collecting and delivering back the suits). Will let you know how it goes re price, etc. [attachment=0:j77fvvqx]'Shea.jpg[/attachment:j77fvvqx]
BipsyBoo Posts: 1534
H2B is having one made. He only has one groomsman and the groomsman wants to get one made too and they're both paying for their own - groomsman insisted! They both want something sharp that they can wear again so it seemed like a good option. Thinking of going to London to get it down and we've seen some lovely ones for £700. Considering my dress will most likely cost significantly more than that and I'll only be wearing it once, it's not such a bad deal!
MaggieBee Posts: 1047
[quote="sugarkk":y8vg9kou] (looking for something along the lines of what John O'Shea wore for his wedding - who knew he'd scrub up so well??)[/quote:y8vg9kou] You're so right sugarkk :o0 thought he looked so dapper loved his look!! Ok thanks for that, another renter, can see your point too going for something a little different, good luck with the search let us know how you get on!! :wv
EDD070912 Posts: 175
H2B wants lovely suit that he'll wear again so he's buying his. He's refusing point blank to wear a waistcoat of any description or anything that he considers to be 'too fussy or too fancy' and wants a 'plain suit'!! O:| O:| But we're renting the groomsmen's suits.
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
H2B wants to buy a Hugo Boss suit that he'll wear again but we'll be renting the GM suits.
mrsG2b2011 Posts: 748
[quote="sugarkk":2bpwyckf] We're going to some places in Naas this Friday as our venue is in Killashee (which will make it handy for collecting and delivering back the suits). Will let you know how it goes re price, etc. [attachment=0:2bpwyckf]'Shea.jpg[/attachment:2bpwyckf][/quote:2bpwyckf] We were probably going to rent too, but had no idea of costs so it great to know that some places do it relatively cheap, i.e. place in liffey valley. We only live 10-15 min drive away from there so that would be handy. We're getting married in Killashee though too so would be handy to be able to get somewhere local to there so it would be easy for groomsmen to drop them back. So sugarkk if you could let me know how you get on that would be great.