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adelz Posts: 3088
Hi all, just wondering what the consensus is on this? Cant believe Im even typing this but just curious really. :-8 Are you still having sex this far along in pregnancy or did you?? Sometimes I feel too awkward but others I just want to jump on dh :o0 bloody hormones!!! Is anybody else like this???? Or am I just the mad one about!!!
BusyMom Posts: 717
I'm not as far ahead as you but so far on this pregnancy and all the way through my last one (once I got through the first 12 weeks when I felt too awful!) we continued as normal! I know what you mean about feeling huge etc but just try other positions etc! You'll sleep great afterwards too! :)
PearlBaby Posts: 532
I woke DH the other night at 3AM to DTD - he couldnt believe his luck. We have laughed loads about it ever since. He loves the new (temporary :o0 ) me
adelz Posts: 3088
:o0 :o0 :o0 Thank God its not just me and my hormones! Its mad! Thanks for the replies you're very good :wv
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
god most of the time i just cant' face it, its just so bloody AWKWARD!!!! No matter what position we try :-8 But then other times hormones take over & that doesn't matter at that point :o0 :innocent:
adelz Posts: 3088
:o0 :o0 :o0 Hormones have a lot to answer to :compress :compress
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
We were just talking about this at my pregnancy yoga class! It's a great way to get things moving if babs is ready to make an entrance, but the teacher was at pains to point out that it has to be "good sex"! >:o)
adelz Posts: 3088
>:o) >:o) O god say she was morto!!! If really worked to get babs moving, think Ill jump dh more often from now on :o0 :o0