Are you taking H2Bs surname?

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woltastic Posts: 197
Just curious!
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
I am taking his name, apart from in work where I am keeping my own name. There is another thread on WOL and some people feel very strongly about this - especially those who want to keep their own name. Each to their own!
SaJa Posts: 4282
I'm taking H2B's name. Had been thinking about keeping my own name and maybe H2B taking my surname but after a lot of though, it's just easier for me to take his name. Having 2 separate surnames would make me feel like we were still unmarried IYKWIM.
woltastic Posts: 197
I don't really mind. My H2Bs is nicer than my own one. I'm not the last to carry my own surname or anything like it so it's no major issue to me though I know it is for other people. I suppose it's more that when we have kids I'd like us all to have same surname but each to their own. Keep voting!
Pheebs Posts: 1102
I'm taking H2B's surname. Like you woltastic I think it has more of a feeling of family if we all would have the same surname. It's an extra connection. I know some feel very strongly about keeping their own name and for them I think that's the right choice. You should only do what feels right for you.
BlushingB Posts: 1634
This has been asked a hundred times already on WOL. Just do a search.
daboy Posts: 229
[quote="BlushingB":24pgmce8]This has been asked a hundred times already on WOL. Just do a search.[/quote:24pgmce8] which illustrates what little editorial effort is being spent by the people running the board. How can there be 22000 separate unique topics on Old Faithful???? A very large number of them are duplicates and could be merged together. for example, try a search for "2009". There are SEVEN posts with almost the exact same title. Which one is the most relevant? Its amazing that a site about ORGANISING a wedding is so disorganized itself! BTW. a simple measure would be to allow limited admin rights to long term super users (those with at least 1000+ posts) who may be interested in keeping WOL tidied up for the benefit of others.
woltastic Posts: 197
Apologies. I saw questions asked but hadn't noticed any polls until after you said do a search and I saw one with simple yes/no.
anonymousbridetobe Posts: 1563
Really can't decide, it's more of a personality thing with me - if someone 'expects' me to do something, I just can't, and have to do the opposite. I will probable wait for a while after the wedding and see how I feel then, and I hope I will feel differently about it, but I have worked very hard to establish my name in my work and will keep my name for work.
elleq Posts: 117
Can't imagine giving up my name really. Not even for kids. I am who I am sort of thing. Certainly go on using it for work, prob see how i feel as time goes on :)