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tasket Posts: 306
Statistically you are likely to be overdue with your first - 80% of first-time mums go past their due date - but of course each case is individual and you never know if you'll be in the 80% that do or the 20% that don't! DS was officially 17 days late! My original due date was Oct 2, then after my scan they changed it to 8 days earlier, Sept 25. I wish I hadn't let them - the margin of error on a 20-week ultrasound is 7-10 days anyway - but at the time I just wanted to be further along! When my first due date passed they started talking about inducing me at 10 days over, but I resisted because there are risks to induction (harder labour, 2x greater chance of uterine rupture) and I was pretty sure my original due date was correct & wanted to give me body a chance to go into labour naturally. I had non-stress tests daily to make sure the baby was doing ok, and he was grand. Anyway he did eventually make his appearance! Most places start talking about induction once you're 10 days past your due date, but it can vary. HTH :thnk
mrsd06 Posts: 52
I went 14 days over on my first. Went to hospital that morning for check up brought bags in case they would keep me in and was sent home saying I wasn't ready. Went into labour that afternoon. Granted, that was 15 years ago so maybe their policies have changed since then. Still have to pinch myself and wonder am I mad staring over again. Wouldn't change it though.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
My DD was bang on time by our dates. First hospital scan confirmed our date of Dec 7th. Second one (at 21 weeks) gave a date of 1st Dec....and the midwife wrote than on the file :ooh, even though the earlier scans are more accurate. Anyway, we showed her :o0 when DD arrived on Dec 7th!!