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Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Oh I am starting to lose the head with all this TTC!!!! :( I have just check the Ovulation predictors on both and MSN and both are saying two different things…..even though I enter the same thing????? The one on VHI says I am most fertile on the 14th – 16th May and the one on MSN says 23rd of May how can this be???? My cycles are very different, they can range from 30 days all the way up to 45(longest one ever!) Can somebody shed some light please????
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
hi babtalk05, sorry to hear you're getting frustrated - i know it can be a right pain but hang on in there! these predictors are based on your previous cycles, so given that yours vary so much, i'm not sure how accurate they are going to be - i suppose the results speak for themselves. they're just not that scientific. you can use opk's (ovulation predictor kits) but again, because your cycle varies so much, it could be prove very expensive - but the option is there. i've just posted a reply a few minutes ago about charting - i know it can be a bridge too far for some people but there are even elements of it you could take on board. the most simple being your cervical mucus - if you were to keep an eye on it (even if it's only when you're going to the loo), you'd get a good idea of where you are in your cycle. you are most fertile when you have eggwhitey mucus - so you should take advantage every day you have this. have a look at the other post anyway and see what you think. there are lots of girls on here with unusual cycles and they've still managed to get pregnant, so you're not alone! it's just being aware of it and knowing what to do about it. i personally think those predictors only work when you have a regular cycle, so you should look at other options. hope that helps - let me know if you need more info. good luck!
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Thanks for that Mrs Peg, we have said that if it doesn't work this month we will try charting....I really hoped that it wouldn't come to this but "Hey ho" We'll have to do what we have to do!!