Armani v MAC make up?

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi girls, Interested to get your thoughts on both ranges of make up - looking for matte, non-shiny finish as my skin tends to go a bit oily. And also want something long lasting that will see me through the day. Thanks
BB1 Posts: 752
You should try Este Lauder 12 hour wear, its fab! Last all day and not at all oily. Its around 35 euro a bottle, but lasts forever. I love MAC for eyeshadow and gloss, but I really dont find any of their foundations long lasting. Never tried Armani. Good luck!
mama2E Posts: 670
love mac for eye shadows..........I use Este Lauder double weasr this stuff is fab.......Defo the best matte in the market........are £20 stg lasts forever
rady Posts: 919
i use armani luminous silk foundation - have used mac previously and think armani is the best for even coverage,light weight and so long lasting. i tried chanel vitalumiere from rave reviews here and went straight back to armani- but thats just me !i know they have a matt version of luminous silk.
mad woman Posts: 22106
chanel double perfection in the tube, its great!! I swear by it, its a cream to powder make up and its brilliant! Most foundations just slide off my face, but this stays put, also for a night out (where your foundation can really disappear!!!) I use no 7, make up base underneath.
ginger nut Posts: 5989
have just started using the prescriptives range of makeup - think it's called perfect skin or something like that - it's the medium-full coverage one but it goes on really lovely and stays all day - even in the hot sun when my makeup would normally slide off this one stays. Expensive though. 45 euros.
blushing b2b Posts: 288
i used to love mac make up but have since changed to TIGI range. I found when using mac foundation and powder i used to end up with dry clumps - that may be due to my skin type and not the make up - but since switching i havent had this problem at all. I find it long lasting. Have also tried eye liner and eyeshadow which i would recommend also. Was only introduced to this range 2 months ago when i had my make up trial for wedding and have been using it ever since
bride. Posts: 3014
I love the Armani range as well. I went into BTs last week and got one of those makeovers, I felt airbrushed coming out. Spent a fortune on the foundation and cream blusher and a few other things. It is very long lasting light foundation.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
MAC foundation is way to dry for my skin. I found out about a make up here on WOL and I just LOOOOOOOOOVE it!! It's called [b:3643npdt]Make Up Forever, Mat Velvet[/b:3643npdt]!! It's really yummy!! My skin would be combination skin and would get oily throughout the night. I got a tester of this make up and it seriously works dreams. It stays on all night too!!