Arnica 200C

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May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Anyone know where i can get these all the chemists around me only seem to have 6C or 30C both of which i have picked up but id like to get the 200C for post labour but im not based in Dublin and not sure how safe it is to order these type of things on line????
ohsotired Posts: 7071
This is the pharmacy that sells them in town they do online shop also!
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
Thanks i just ordered it over the phone from them.
adelz Posts: 3088
That's all I could get the 30c ones, are they not worth it??? I knew I had seen somewhere about ppl getting 200c ones but health shop didn't have those so 30c were the best! I asked in my chemist about them and the girl told me she used them and they were great but chemists are getting it hard to get them now, under a new law, something to do with natural remedy products....I was surprised, so that's why I had to go to the local health shop...So will the 30c do girls?