Arnica tablets ok if breastfeeding?

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babyforus Posts: 1619
Hi all, a couple of us on jan babies were wondering if it is safe to take arnica tablets after giving birth if you are breastfeeding? I've seen some people saying they took them during labour? Also wondering what strength to buy. Thanks!
Daff Posts: 11644
I popped them like candy while BF DD - they work great! Tell them in the chemist what it's for. Can't remember the strength now but they'll know. Best of luck!!!
strangeangel Posts: 1269
I got the 200c ones in Nelson's - they're specifically for surgery/childbirth. Used them while breastfeeding and the midwives recommended them, so don't think there's a problem with using them while breastfeeding. I definitely healed quickly, so whether or not they had anything to do with it, I'd take them again!
funnymummy Posts: 329
how quickly should you take when your in labour?
Daff Posts: 11644
I started taking them afterwards with the painkillers. Word of advice is take the painkillers as often as you can even if you feel you don't need them! No point waiting til middle of night to be woken by crying baby and find out your in so much pain you cant' sit right to BF. That was horrible for a few days trying to sit comfy in bed to BF while feeling like I was spliiting open - you're not don't worry but then I started taking the panadol every 4 hours with arnica nd the ponston every (think it was 6 or 8?) also with the arnica! Oh and have a little squirty bottle of water witha few drops of lavender oil and witch hazel adn squirt 'that area' after each toilet trip. Also use shower head twice a day to rinse there and use the water bottle after. I'd a second degree tear and it healed no bother and had no issues with it and did this to keep it clean.