Arnica Tablets - Which strength

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kinder Posts: 504
Hi girls, Does it matter which strength tablets you take? Found them great for healing last time but unsure as to the different advice out there re the strength to take... :thnk
jarashow Posts: 3083
God I didn't even know there were different ones. Must have a look at mine when I get home and will let you know what I had the last time.
kinder Posts: 504
think I had the 100c last time but read somewhere that the 30c are better...??? Not sure it matters but I'm all confusssssed` :compress and thinking about this beats doing any work ;o)
jarashow Posts: 3083
LOL I know that feeling... talk about unmotivated!
Relaxedbridetobe Posts: 201
the higher the strenght the better girls! its fantastic stuff, it really works. Does anyone know if its safe to use while breastfeeding?
kinder Posts: 504
The tablets are perfectly safe during BF....
SophiaTheFirst Posts: 541
I bougth some in the pharmacy at the weekend, and they were in a little purple container (the Nelsons brand, had only seen green ones before), they were a little dearer than I expected too (€8.30) but the pharmacist commented that they're the stronger strength. I think this is them - ... es_866155/ in which case they're the 30c strength. Hope that's some help!