Arnica tabs before section?

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markel Posts: 216
Just wondered if anyone took arnica tablets before going in for a section or did ye wait til after? If ye did when did ye start taking them My friend says I should start taking them, she - a midwife - started taking them at 36wks but had normal deliveries rather than sections
Lauri Posts: 195
Hi Markel My lo is 3months but I remember going to the chemist to get them but the staff warned me not to take them until after the birth so I started taking them as soon as soon as I had my sleep!!!!i ended up having a section too. But I kinda half remember someone posting this question before and I think they were saying to wait till after the birth too but I can't be a 100% about it sorry not very helpful I no.... :-8
saz12 Posts: 217
I read a previous post that said dont take them until after delivery as they have an anti coagulant effect ( thins the blood) i am not too sure how true this is, i am sure your midwife friend would know better.. I googled Nelsons on Duke st, it was said thats the only place you can get Arnica 200c but they seem to have closed down...anyone any suggestions where else to get them...preferably North Dublin for convenience...i am running out of time lol...nearly 38 weeks!!
markel Posts: 216
Will double check with consultant this week, just to be sure. Saz12 - I got them from Nelsons online last week. They ship them from London and come in a few days