Arnotts or Debenhams for list??

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Aisha Posts: 141
Hi, Just wondering if anyone has a recommendation (or warning!) for either Arnotts or Debenhams for a wedding list? Have appointments for both on Monday but need to choose one! Time is running out... Thanks. :wv
Elegance Posts: 2848
we decided on debenhams in the end. You get €75 gift card btw for setting up a list with them. but the main reason we went we them was they were much nicer and helpful than arnotts and also guests can order online or buy presents from any debenhams store - even in the uk. good luck with your choice!
Twirler Posts: 1644
Have heard really bad things about Arnotts. Think there were a few threads about them a while back, you could do a search.
mrswildrogue Posts: 1739
Yeah, heard awful things about arnotts list and even FSIL worked for them and advised against. :ooh
Aisha Posts: 141
Thanks for replies. Had just decided on Arnotts before reading replies..will have to rethink!
mollyeile Posts: 2486
I'ld be wary of Arnotts as they will be moving in a few months while the store is redone (they are moving into the old Debenhams in Jervis for two years) so I would not be sure will they able to keep all their departments open and stuff (like your list or guests info) could get lost in the move.
whitejuly Posts: 5
We went with Clerys and were very happy with them! They post your gifts really quickly and they are all gift wrapped so its exciting opening them even though you know whats inside!!
HappyEverAfter Posts: 143
We had our wedding list in Arnotts and you need to go from dept to dept, writing down the item codes for what you want and then getting it signed off by someone working there. Also, they incorrectly delivered something and I was told to bring it back in and they'd exchange it. I had a problem with this as a) it was quite a heavy item and b) they charge €7.50 delivery charge per item but they weren't refunding this charge. Don't see why I should have to schlepp something back to the shop when it was their error. Having said that, they did deliver two gifts twice. Think that Debenhams have a scanner so that you can just go round the store and scan in what you want.
MRS.Q Posts: 558
I have heard woeful reports about Arnotts too I'm afraid!!!
verybusy Posts: 74
We have just got delivery of our list items from Arnotts and over all was reasonably happy with service we recieved, we dealt with a girl called Kellie and she was very good ...the arnotts delivery does not happen until several weeks after the wedding and the items are picked just prior to delivery our case this worked for us because the sale was on and we got all the price differences credited to our account however under normal circumstances i would have preferred not to have to wait. The arnotts delivery charge arrangement is not great they charge for an item irrespective of whether the item is delivered , there was a few of the gifts that were no longer available or duplicated by our guests so we took the value ... I did argue so i got the delivery charge credited back to us. however i believe that all the shops charge the same way. I meet with a Debenhams consultant also and was impressed at their sytem however they just didnt have the range of brands that Arnotts stock and bottom line, that was the deciding factor for us.... we had friends who had their list with Clearys and the system there seems much better , it was electonic picking, they got the gifts sent when ever they wanted and everything was gift wrapped however the range is not as good.....if you are only doing a small list i would go for clearys/debenhams, large list ...arnotts....