around 24 weeks - how much movement

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caprica Posts: 91
Just wondering how much movement you all feel daily. i was feeling flutters daily for about 2 weeks but not in last 2 days havent really felt any. got heartbeat checked so everything fine jsut wondering at what stage did you all feel daily movement ?
Hot Mama Posts: 206
Hiya im 23 weeks - i get plenty of movement every day !! Sometimes its a night time when im lying down but today i am been kicked all morning - its great !!!
gogglebox Posts: 910
I would try not to be concerned. I have heard that the babies go through restful phases where you won't feel them moving around much, or at all. If you're worried then talk to your doctor, but I believe it's quite normal for baby to not appear to be moving much for a couple of days. It's only as time goes on that you need to be counting the movements, but not at this stage - right now I think it can still be sporadic. Try not to worry - we all do... I've done it myself after a quiet few days back a couple of weeks ago where the baby didn't seem to be doing much, but sure enough all was OK.
mcglick Posts: 463
my movement is a bit irregular too, find it happens most after brekkie and relaxing watching telly before bedtime, not much in between at all!
workingmom Posts: 3429
I get kicked to death in the morning, in the evening and late at night, my whole belly moves! some days, when I have been exerting myself, (like a mad spring cleaning) the baby is quieter the next day, but never a day goes by that I don't get a kick, and it's weird, as I lie in bed, and I start to worry about babs being quiet, and suddenly it kicks me it's like it knows what I am thinking, and says yes mom, I am here and I am fine.
baby-bel Posts: 929
I am 24 wks too. I find babs is moving every day but its sporadic, last fri it kicked me so much :o0 then I was worried sat and sun as it didnt seem to kick as much or as strong & I was comparing it to Fri :eek , but then late sun night it gave DH a ferocious kick just when he put his hand on my tum, he got an awful fright :yelrotflmaosmilie: and couldnt believe the baby could do that as he presumed they would be feathery kicks or something!!!! since then its still a bit sporadic, generally when I eat!! but as long as Ive movement from babs on a daily basis Im happy, also when you are busy yourself you may not even notice the movement but its still happening Don't worry, at 24 wks babs still has room for manouvers so we dont always feel kicks ,as it gets bigger and so has less room you get more definate kicks for a while until it hasnt room to kick so slows down again
mummytime Posts: 3149
I was 25 weeks before I felt daily movement which was what the consultant told me to expect so don't be worrying yourself
caprica Posts: 91
thanks for the reassurance all :-) . I've felt a few flutters today so am happy again. I suppose all this worrying now will get me used to the next 18 + years of it.. !!
beaker Posts: 379
They also have periods of sleep and wakefulness at this stage, so it could be that you are asleep when it is awake and vice versa, also if you are on the go all day you won't notice or have time to notice the kicks. I didn't feel anything for hours after dinner yesterday and was starting to worry but then it started kicking again. I suppose we worry when we feel something and worry when we don't