Arriving in Rotunda in labour, few q's.....

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suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Girls i'm just wondering what happens when you arrive to the hospital in labour, i know you need to be asessed in the A&E type place but do they bring you staraight in? I have visions of being put into the waiting room in the height of pain with others looking at me, anyone know what happens?? Today is my due date so its playing on my mind among 101 other things :-8 Posted over on M&K too :thnk
may2008 Posts: 455
i went to holles st but i imagine the procedure is pretty much the same. on ds i went in when my waters broke, had to go to check in and they asked me how often pains were etc. i wasn't actually in labour yet so i went to the prenatal ward, you wait there until you are in labour - 1cm dilated and then go to delivery. i only ended up being there half an hour as dilated pretty much as soon as i went in and was then brought to delivery. on dd i was in labour when i went in and contractions were v close together, again had to go up to check in and then went straight to delivery. best of luck with your new baby x
skittles Posts: 1312
have you had a tour of the hospital ever hopeful? i was induced on dd and am being induced on dd2 this thursday so never actually arrived to the hospital in labour but as far as i've seen with other women, they check in at the main reception, depending on how advanced your labour is you may be brought into the emergency room to be checked over or you will be brought straight upstairs to the labour ward which is a small room (about 6 beds) just off the delivery suites. on checking in they will want some details, how far along you are,if you've had a show,if waters are still intact, how far apart contractions are etc, so if possible id get dh to ring ahead from the car (or before leaving home) to give them any details he can before you get there. wont be long for you now please god, we could be in there together if you go this week :wv