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bridenl Posts: 454
Just wondered if anyone here had this and any tips on how to manage it? Have had swollen hands and feet now for a month (my whole body is now also sore) and have been informed by the doctor that it is possible i have arthritis so sending me to a rhumatologist, unfortuntely this appointment is now til the end of the month O:| In severe pain most of the time but especially at night when i get little to no sleep >:o( So just wondered if anyone had any advise for me?
Jeidi Posts: 3128
Just found this thread now... did you get to see the rheumatologist yet? I have rheumatoid arthritis, was diagnosed just after having DS. He is 2 now. I am 31 and suffer from it mainly in my wrists, although I do go through phases where I suffer with my knee or ankle. Last summer I ran a lot and I found out it had spread to my spine, but after resting up for a few months everything is grand now. Hope you get sorted, if u have any other questions feel free to Pm me!