As brides do you expect to hear both sides on this site??

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Momof2 Posts: 3884
Hi I used this site alot when I was getting married and have continued to use it in order to help brides where I can and I also use the Mum & Kids section. I have used this site since 2007 and still love it as a resource tool for friend of mine getting married. My issue is after all the positive feedback I have given to suppliers who were excellent on our day I saw a supplier who was lovely but did cause us problems on the week of our wedding and I commented on the post! This morning my post is no longer there. In my post I complimented the company and the proprietor I complimented their products I was not overly negative I simply stated in a matter of fact way what had happened and that if you were a fussy bride (as I was I know some people wouldn't have minded ) to be wary. As most of you are still in the planning stages do you expect to hear the good and the bad of suppliers or do you accept that WOL is one sided in this regard.. Answers on a postcard!! And Happy Christmas Audreys
Mrs2babridesoon Posts: 3319
Yes, we should be able to hear both sides! Sorry your post was deleted. Maybe there should be a WOL for brides only, so it doesn't have to delete posts to protect there suppliers revenues. But being honest I haven't written my supplier wedding day report because I did have little issues with most of them and I don't want to be negative, In a way its my fault, I really find it hard saying I'm not happy with some thing. I also think SOME wedding suppliers maybe so used to weddings that they have become complacent.
Higgs particle Posts: 4557
I think it is terrible that no negative feedback is allowed. I know I have complained about one on here before and got a warning from admin and the post deleted. it galls me when i see the posts of postive feedback for this supplier as it is one side only.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Absolutely. I used this site quite alot in the initial stages sourcing suppliers and it is a worry that Ihave read on several threads of less flattering feedback being removed from the forum. All opinions should be reflected. A professional, conscientious supplier should have nothing to worry about. Although i presume there are legal reasons for censorship, libel laws etc that the WOLice have to be mindful of. I guess that's what PM's are for!
MrsAH Posts: 3715
As I am only in the early stages of planning I found this site useful until suppliers were caught out posing as brides etc, spam posts by suppliers, one stationary company in particular springs to mind.Then to continue reading about Wollie posts being deleted is disheartening. It makes WOL untrustworthy and biased forum. I can understand why WOL is so protective but it is annoying to have to read between each line. PM all the way!
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Not trying to be smart but its all in the forum rules- have a read of them. If you dont agree with the rules then dont post on the site I guess? If you would like to pass on information then use PM. :wv
08Aug09 Posts: 405
I totally agree with all the comments here. I feel the deletion of threads and the nonexistence of negative feedback cheapens the positive feedback It really reduces the reliability of this site for advice and that should worry genuine suppliers I have to say there are suppliers who are excellent at weddings its their business and then there are suppliers that are like OH ITS A wedding and EURO symbols appear in their eyes and they have a dreadful attitude towards brides and their demands as they see it I know WOL has to be careful for slander reasons - and some brides dont tell the full story but the supplier has a right to reply and in the past some of the good suppliers have come on and replied and clarified the situation if I had my wedding all over again they are the suppliers I would be going with - the ones who reply - not the ones running to WOL and demanding the post is deleted
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
When I initially started using this site found it useful but have since started to take a lot of info with a pinch of salt. Both sides should be allowed as is the case with any argument. WOL is being controlled by suppliers which is not a balanced view.
Momof2 Posts: 3884
[quote="Columbo30":204ap3w7]Not trying to be smart but its all in the forum rules- have a read of them. If you dont agree with the rules then dont post on the site I guess? If you would like to pass on information then use PM. :wv[/quote:204ap3w7] Equally not being smart but my post didn't to my mind contravene the rules as I said I have been a member since 2007 and yes I did read them way back then!! If you read my post above you will see that I complimented the supplier and their products and said my experience and told people to bear in mind I was a picky bride! So was giving feedback in a constructive manner! I have seen far more disturbing/defaming posts left up here in my time in WOL obviously if I wanted to leave the forum I would have done that but I have had great experiences until now with it and made some great friends. Equally I have had PM's from suppliers thanking me for recommending them for their services I just don't see the big deal in highlighting something that might cause undue stress to a bride on their day. I was just curious at to what the general consensus was! Thanks for your thoughts! Happy Chrsitmas :wv (back at ya!!)
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Hey Audreys I guess I was trying to answer your question “do you expect to hear the good and the bad of suppliers” with my comments. I didn’t read your post which was pulled so can’t comment on that specifically. Personally, I think that yes it would be good to read all comments but from WOL’s perspective I can see why they don’t allow negative feedback on their suppliers. Happy Christmas to you too