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StellaBella Posts: 432
Anyone have any idea if it is possible to get stuff delivered from the Asda website. Just had a look at their website and they have some lovely stuff, for brilliant prices. Think i will need to take a trip up north if can't get a delivery from the website.
ScaredyKat Posts: 365
I'm registered with them but can't buy things online as have no UK postcode, unless there is a way around it that I don't know. I love their website and always be on t seeing what they have. However I live only 20mins from Strabane Asda and was there last week. Thought I would get all the bits and pieces like blankets, cot sheets etc but they were all pink or blue. No neutrals at all so left with just my toiletries for hosp. I prob just went on a bad day but was so disappointed as had it in my head that I'd get all the bits.
mrsfisherman Posts: 314
If you know someone in the north, you could use their address to get stuff delivered to :wv