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helen81 Posts: 30
Hi everyone, I haven't been on in ages, but I really need to let off some steam about my drama with our Hotel. I'm getting married on the 19th April (11 weeks away) and we have our hotel booked for the past year. On Monday (4th Feb) I got a phone call from our friends saying that they could not get a room in the hotel because they are all booked up for the night of our wedding. I called to ask the hotel what happened and they said that they had booked another function for the same night as our wedding!!! At this point I thought it was a joke! But in fact they have booked 3/4 of the hotel to a company having a conference the same day!!! So, I have 20 rooms for family and no rooms for friends!! I can't believe that none of our friends will be able to stay with us in our hotel. They won't be able to stay up drinking with us in the residents bar and we won't be able to have brakfast with them the next morning!!! They'll be having a better party in their hotel then the Bride and Groom will in the main hotle for the wedding. And the worst thing is that the hotel are being horrible to us. No one has offered us any compensation or even apologised. I'm at my wits end, please advise...................... O:|
Princess Laughalot Posts: 103
Hi Helen, try not to worry too much. I know it's easy for me to say but this is not something you can control. We had an issue like this with our hotel (Not Ashdown) where they gave 25 rooms to the wedding from the day before so they could stay 2 nights and they didn't tell us. We had organised rooms for family, but like you, none of our friends had rooms. I got details for local b&b's and guesthouses and got our friends to book in there and got the manager of our hotel to agree that everyone who attended the wedding could stay in the residents bar and they also said that they would organise taxis when people were ready to go home. As it happens, I got a call yesterday to say the other wedding was cancelled (!!) and we can have the rooms now but our friends have already booked the other places. I was at a wedding in the Ashdown Park in October and like that, I could not get a room befire the wedding, was told they were booked out, and so were a lot of people, but on the day, the hotel realeased a number of rooms and there were rooms available to book on the day which was no good as people had already made other arrangements. This seems to be something that happens at a lot of weddings but just try to get your hotel to work with you and let your guests stay in the residents bar etc... ask them to let you know asap if the other party cancel any rooms as you will take them (this is what I did and couldn't believe it when I got the call yesterday). Try not to stress, as I keep thinking, I have never been to a wedding where the B2B organised my accomodation and I don't know how I started doing it for our friends and family, there are some things that we just can't control in the planning and unfortunately this is one of them.
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
I think its disgraceful. We have had the same problem only releasing rooms on a two nite basis to our friends some of only who want to stay the sat nite and have gone to other Hotels in the area. I am going to challenge them on it as it is our day and they are making enough money out of us to help us in some ways. Most of our friends have booked another Hotel up the road. P.S Im the 19th April too in Ferrycarrig
helen81 Posts: 30
Hi girls, Thanks a million for your replies. I needed some other brides to give me perspective on this!! We looked at the Ferrycarrig too. It's just lovely down there. I hope you have a great day.