Asking GP to check if hcg is doubling?

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happyfamily Posts: 3323
Hi girls. Just wondering if anybody here with a history of miscarriage asked their GP to take blood two days apart in early pregnancy to check if hcg is doubling normally? I could really do with reassurance
Bluebear Posts: 1594
Think it depends on your GP Happy family. On my 1st mc even though I was bleeding my GP refused to do it saying they didn't test hcg levels in their practice. After that unhelpful experience I switched practice and my new GP took hcg levels for me when they couldn't detect a heartbeat on subsequent pregnancy. There was a small fee of €35 for the bloods which I happily paid. My advice would be if your normal GP won't take bloods shop around. Where are you based? I could pm you details of my GP if that would help. I understand the worry of finding out your pregnant after a mc but I'm sure everything will go well for you. Wishing you a happy & healthy nine months.
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I'm in cork. I've not had much experience with my GP but he seems nice so I might go along and explain how anxious I'm feeling-and then I get anxious about being anxious in case I bring on a mc!!!!! Whew. Wish I could relax and enjoy this
CherylC Posts: 1071
Definitely worth asking. My GP did it for me for no charge, As I had a previous miscarriage.