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rainbowbrighte Posts: 87
Hi girls - saw a FABO FABO dress for great value on ASOS and wanna buy for my hen. Havent bought from them before and im bit confused about which size to order. The dress I like doesnt come in normal 8,10 etc it comes in small(8-10)medium(10-12) - now im usually a ten - but lately i got two dresses in river island that were an eight. Does anyone know if they are big or small fittings in ASOS??? Id be more inclined to go with the 10-12 cos but i just dont know. Can anyone help???
Kaycee Posts: 2107
it really depends on the brand with asos, if its their own brand i'd say they're about 'high street' average (river island for example), i recently bought a large dress (after buying medium that didn't fit in my purchases before that) and the it was like a tent! The 'large' dress wasn't their own brand you know you can just post it back to athlone these days if it doesn't fit, no return fee (except the postage). and sometimes in the little box to the right of the picture has the size the model is wearing can give you an indication!
rainbowbrighte Posts: 87
Thanks Kazy - feck it il order it and if doesnt fit i can return it. Cool I didnt know that about returning to Athlone - nice one!