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mrsG2b2011 Posts: 748
I went to aspirations and I have to say it was one of the worst experiences I ever had. My appointment was double booked even though I had arranged it 3 weeks ahead of time. When I got there there was a b2b and mother there already and she gave me the dirtiest look when I came in the dorr. As it turned out my appointment was fine, but the others mixed up the time and wastold one thing and had a different time in the book. I understood this could happen and decided to share my appointment with them, however this was a mistake as I was given no time at all and was told to use the tiny mirror on show in between all the dresses where as the shop assistant gave all the attention to the other girl, allowing her to use the big mirror and stand on the step and even put veils etc on her while I was ignored. I was on my own so was really relying on the shop assistants help but yet was blanked, I left the shop feeling like I could cry. Would def not recommend. I found my dress before I got to de stafford but the dresses in the window looks gorgeous. I'd also recomment town bride in powerscourt centre. I went to ciara bridal too and although its a tiny shop I thought the dresses were beautiful so might also be worth a trip
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
[quote="Scruff1":324ugpth] Think Ciara Bridal take apts during the week it's just Saturdays they don't take apts I think I could be wrong though! I just found that shop so small and stuffy, couldn't wait to get out for air!![/quote:324ugpth] You're right Scruff it's just Saturdays there's no appointments. And it is small alright, I just found they were the best for customer service that I found in the city centre, and I went to all of the shops I could find!! Also helped that I found my dress there :innocent:
nos Posts: 1
I visited lots of bridal shops over Dec.I have to sat Aspirations was just the best by far. I thought De Staffords were just rude to me as if I was on a conveyer belt. When I went to Aspirations with my mam we walked in and I wanted to leave the place looks crap and mam said no way was I getting a dress there. You cant judge a book by its cover!! They were amazing. The main lady there new my size even with heavy coats on. She gave me the best advice, and made me try on all dresses then told me satin does not suit my skin and she was so right. I fell in love with a san Patrick dress which I bought the next day. if your looking for a classic but differant dress this is the place. I have read lots of reviews that she is pushy, no she just knows her stuff she tells you like it is and not wanting you to buy the most expensive dress. I totally recommend this shop.
shazza k Posts: 525
Don't go 2 aspirations lady is so rude 1st time I went in she ran me out said I didn't have apointment even tho I had ring a few days previous and took the day off work especially 2 nd time she left me waiting 20 mins didn't mind as other girl was very stressed as she was pregnant and getin married in 3 days and obviously had gotten bigger! Owner never apologised just told me to sit and wait I knew the dress I was tryin on and she wouldn't even let me get it off the rail and refered to the girl before me as histerical and very silly for getin pregnant! Horrible lady don't go!
banaltra Posts: 7
I just put down my deposit for my dress during the week and I have to say, I felt the owner Bridget was very professional, really knew her stuff and gave me really helpful tips. She was never pushy with me, however, I'm picking my dress a year in advance. I had found the same dress in 2 shops down the country and though the sales people were really lovely in those shops I felt I was in better more professional hands with Bridget. She does all the alterations herself and seems to really know what she is talking about. She picked 4 dresses for me to try on and all were spot on compared to any of the other shops. I visited De Stafford in Nenagh and that was the most relaxed and lovely experience. The 2 girls there were so helpful and knowledgeable. I dealt with Tracy and I would of seriously considered giving them the business simply due to my interaction with them if they had the dress I wanted but they didn't stock San Patrick. I can't vouch for De Staffords Dublin only their store is significantly bigger than Nenagh but would highly recommend visiting the Nenagh store.
corkmarriedgirl Posts: 147
I really liked destaffrods when I went there ( this time last year) and the lady in aispirations was also very helpful. If I had to pick I would go for destaffords as they have a bigger selection. I didnt buy in either shop.