Assigning seats?

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Wfdb2b Posts: 14
Hi guys, just wondering if you are assigning tables or places at your reception? I was going to just do the table plan and let people sit wherever they wanted at the table. Now wondering which works best, any thoughts?
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Hi there, I got married a couple of months ago and we just assigned tables rather than seats. Saved us a lot of hassle and stress when RSVPs kept changing towards the last few weeks. It also meant we didn't have to personalise the favours. Also, in my opinion, sometimes people don't like being told who to sit beside and they end up swapping around anyway, but that's just me :lvs
crazycatlady15 Posts: 149
Hiya hun. Most weddings I've been at have table plans but not individual seating plans. My sis did this for hers and I'll be doing this for mine also. It'd be less stressful for you. But something also that you might need to consider are issues between some people that you might not be aware of (i.e. we have two cousins who don't get on and sis had them on the same table - we didn't know that they didn't get on until mum mentioned it a few days before the wedding when she saw the plan for the first time). x
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
Just assigning tables not seats.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We also did tables but not seats. Have only been to 2 weddings that did a seating plan, they both had personalised favours so perhaps that was why.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
The table plan was a nightmare for me so no way was I assigning seats, people can work that out for themselves. Only seen it done once & again it was Personalised favours.
czc2017 Posts: 11
Hi I plan on doing the same just assign tables not seats, Ive done it myself when I was assigned a seat I would just swap to sit beside someone I wanted to sit with! And plus I don't want the hassle of organising it!
Wfdb2b Posts: 14
Thanks girls for the replies. I was overthinking it! All the replies really helped, definitely going to go with just assigning tables :)