Asthma help please??

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snooki Posts: 112
Ok I dont want to sound like im whinging or that there are not worse things out there but im just feeling so down and deflated. My chest has been giving problems since January. Got a bad chest infection and has just been really bad since. Now I've always has problems with my chest anytime I get sick it goes straight to my chest but anyways I saw a specialist in the hospital a few weeks ago and had my tests (lung function and allergy) done this morning and have found out today that I have Asthma. I am on Symbacort turbohaler twice a day and ventolin 4 times a day as the take as and when you need is not working. I have a constant cough, constant wheeze in my throat, Shortness of breath and tightness in my chest. Now the nurse has assured me that the inhalers will help and that if it is not any better in a month I will also be put on a tablet with my inhalers. I am overweight and I know by loosing weight it should help but now if I walk 5 steps I am out of breath and small things that I use to so are now a struggle. I really just need advise from other asthamatics out there, will this get any better?? Now I cant climb 1 flight of stairs but I need my ventolin and cant walk a few steps but im out of breath. Am just so fed up and I thought that the tests today would all be ok and that is was just a bad chest infection that wouldnt go away. i also had allergy tests done and I am allergic to grass and dust. Sorry for going on just need to vent and also need advice. Anything I can do to help this or is this something that I am going to have to live with or will it eventually get better???? Not to mention the extra cost this puts on us and we are already struggling to save for the wedding each month Thanks snooki
gopro Posts: 1801
The inhalers will definatley help if you stick to taking them. alot of peopel stop taking them when the feel normal again. but you need to keep them up. I am on symbicort 200/6 twice a day. If i dont take it I really notice. I have had asthma since I was a child. I have Nebs at home if i need them. with regard the allergy try take antihistamines when you feel the pollen etc falirs up. they will help keep you 'airways swelling' down.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Firstly, don't panic! I've had asthma all my life and the medication to control it nowadays is excellent. I also get chest infectipns a lot, my lungs are obviously my weak spot, and it sounds like you have some sort of infection at the moment too. So when that clears, things will be a lot better. In terms of dealing with asthma on a day to day basis, I take Ventolin if and when I need it, and Becotide as a preventative. Truth be told, I probably over-use the Ventolin and don't take the preventative as much as I should, so try to take the meds prescribed as you've been advised. I'm also allergic to animal hair and dust mites. I've never had a pet and if I visit someone who has a cat or dog, I will start to wheeze almost at once. Avoid animals where ever possible. As for dust, wooden floors and hypoallergenic bedding are a godsend, especially compared to the carpets and blankets of my childhood. Stay indoors when the grass is being cut. The last thing I would say is that even though exercise may make you wheeze, do try to keep active. I'm over weight and this really doesn't help my lungs, and as a child I definitely used my asthma as a excuse to get out of PE in school! Aerobic exercise will strengthen your lungs so don't avoid it like I did. I find I am able to do much more than I thought and once I keep my inhaler handy, I'm fine - it's mostly a comfort to have it there as I find I don't need it as much I think I will when I exercise. It's not a life sentence, so don't worry. There's no reason why your life can't continue as before once you mind yourself. :wv
Buttonnose Posts: 477
My H2B has asthma and his grandmother recommended that he took up swimming and took a spoonful of honey every day. It worked for him, now I don't know how much of that was down to the honey, but have a chat with your doctor about different medications on the market at the moment.
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Hey I don't have asthma myself but my h2b does and all though it's quite bad it doesnt prevent him from doing anything. He doesn't take his preventative (as its too expensive, this really bugs me) and would use his ventolin a few times a day they usually last one a month during summer 2 a month in winter. He might have to use a nebuliser once a year due to either dusty conditions (he works on sites) or chest infection. He also finds a hot room affects him. He would run every day and use to play football and most of the time he just takes a puff before and after. Also we always get extra inhalers when we go to Spain. They cost about €4 over there with no prescription which is really helpful ESP over the winter months although his doc is happy with how he is doing its a nuisance going in as a 6 mth prescription only lasts 3 mths. I've also suffered with my chest (suspected asthma) but turned out to be sinus issues. I use a night spray called avamys which dries up my sinuses and helps reduce chest infections. Try some wild garlic around the house is supposed to help also maybe try a steam facial with rock salt in it. Ask me any questions you want and if I don't know the answer I'll ask him.
Roxanne Posts: 3201
Actually, the honey thing is interesting - I've heard that eating organic honey regualrly can help you build up an immunity as it will contain small traces of pollen. Certainly no harm in giving it a try.
mobmar Posts: 642
Quote: "I've also suffered with my chest (suspected asthma) but turned out to be sinus issues. I use a night spray called avamys which dries up my sinuses and helps reduce chest infections. " I would agree with above. My Mum was diagnosed with asthma many years ago and was on two inhalers. She went to a doctor in St. James and he put her on a nasal spray called Nasacort which she uses twice a day and she hasn't used an inhaler in years. Maybe you should have a chat with your doctor and see if you could have your sinuses check out.
pregnantinheels Posts: 88
If you try eating some ginger, it really opens up the airways. Small tiny amounts at a time would make a difference. Also, coffee is good for a quick relief from wheezing. Keeping on top of dust around the house would help and also, leave bedroom windows open during the day so air out bedroom for nighttime. Could you start walking as an exercise? Build it up as you go. 15 mins to start with. Getting out in fresh air would be a major benefit to you. Not only will it help your fitness but maybe help loose some weight too. The small airways in overweight asthmatics are more likely to stay closed during normal breathing, so there's less oxygen exchange in these airways and potentially placing the person at risk for pulmonary hypertension.
GizzyWhizzy Posts: 290
Hey there.. like the other wollies said, while asthma is a pain in the bum it is managable and it wont run your life.. At the moment you are feeling down because of the infection and your lungs are prbably suffering from being all clogged up with stuff for the last few months. You wont feel the benfit of the treatment immediately but you will definately feel it over time. defo keep up with the preventer irrespective of how you feel, they can day a wee while to kick in but when they do you will feel it, dont worry about having to take the ventolin, you will become less reliant on this when you are gettin better. I found that for comfort especially before bed, I would have steam face bath. Careful with the temp but I would get a basin of hot water and a towel over my head and I would breathe in the steam.. this loosens the phlegm in the chest and I found I could shift it, it even helped when the cough was dry and barky... Try doing a bit of exercise slowly but surely. swimming is lovely and gentle or even something like a flat walk, build up the hills when you are feeling better... you are getting over a dose at the moment so try and give yourself a break and dont put yourself under too much pressure.. little and often will win out and remember the preventer.. btw,.. sometimes the preventers can be very hard on the throat so try gargling a bit of water after taking the inhaler... oooo and finally let the doctor watch you take the inhalers. I was taking the ventolin incorrectly for ages before copping it... :) seemingly this is common and not cause im a twit :) I do hope that you feel better soon cause i can identifyw ith how horrible an astmatic episode can be and very debilitating.. :(
LastRolo Posts: 6892
+1 - While Ashtma is a pain in the rear it shouldn't hold you back from doing anything. My h2b has asthma from he was a baby and does everything he shouldn't - forget to take his inhaler with him, not take it at all, SMOKE!. Asthma runs in his family, in fact his grandfather died from an asthma attack when he was a young man - but thankfully modern medicine is much better now.