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Hot Mama Posts: 206
I finally packed my labour bag and hospital bag !! Toots12 gave me a fright last week when her little girl arrived early !! The only thing i have to put into them is newborn sleep suits - have so many 0-3 months and no new born, just going to buy 1 or 2 and see what weight babs is Thought i lost my mucus plug yesterday - i went to the loo and when i wiped myself a load of goo was on the tissue - would this be the mucus plug coming away ? Am going to start drinking raspberry leaf tea this weekend - god cant believe i only have 7 weeks left till my due date - if has flown by !!! :o)ll
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Hi snuggle muff!! Can't wait to be where you are!! So you're all set! Car seat at the ready!! I bought 3 newborn babygros at the weekend in Next to keep myself occupied (I got bored with the nappies :o0 ) and realised they are only for babies up to 7.8lbs, chances would be a fine thing!! Good luck hun!! xxx
Hot Mama Posts: 206
wifetobe - the time will fly in believe me, I cant believe how quick it has gone by !!! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy !!
mammybean Posts: 10364
why are you taking the tea? not being rude just curious. i know people take it when over due to try and start themselves?
gogglebox Posts: 910
You're very good having your bag packed already!! I have a pile of stuff in the bedroom that has to make it's way eventually into a bag (or two!), and every time I try to organise it... I get scared and stop! I just don't know what to take (even though I have a list!), and decide to do it later! Like you I think seeing Toots baby decide to make an early appearance made me think I'd better get organised - rather than leave it sprawled all over the bed!! Mammy Bean, the raspberry leaf tea I think helps to tone up the uterus for labour - I'm planning on giving it a go once I hit 36 weeks.