At wits end with breastfeeding - please help!

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littlemama Posts: 471
My DS is five weeks old and in the last 10 days we've started having major problems. When he first feeds he will latch and relatch lots of times and he never seems to go longer than 5-10 mins for a feed. Every time he comes off boob I wind him and he generally gets wind up, although he can spew up maybe 1-2 times a day. Because I don't think he's gone long enough on the boob I'll keep putting him back on, he acts like he's hungry but then he'll come off screaming and crying. He is also very unsettled throughout the day so I spend most of day either feeding or soothing him. thought maybe he had touch of colic and started giving him infacol but doesn't seem to be helping. Weighed him yest and his weight is flying up so I know he's getting enough milk. I'm so stressed out now and disappointed as we were doing so well and I don't know what's changed. I know that if it keeps up I'll end up switching to formula which I don't really want to do but don't know any other solution as poor fella seems miserable. if anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
I'm sure other people will have better suggestions, only at this 4 weeks myself. What about looking at your diet? I've recently cut out dairy, spicy food and chocolate (though the chocolate has slowly been sneaking back in). It seems to have cut down a bit on the uncontrollable crying.
Beaubelle Posts: 741
Both of mine went through a phase of this between 5 and 10 weeks... Fussy feeding, a lot of evening crying and general irritability. If his weight is going up he is getting enough so you are doing great! Don't give up! Formula will probably only exacerbate this issue now raher than help it, as it really doesn't sound like a supply problem. Sorry for brief reply, just wanted to say it gets lots easier and you're doing great. Best piece of advice I ever got re Breastfeeding was never to give up on a bad day:-)
daisypetal Posts: 310
It's just a phase, it should pass in a day or so. Try not go stress. Babies get more efficient at feeding as they get older. My lo is 12 weeks and feeds for only 5 mins at a time. You might be going through 6 week growth spurt a little early too. X
littlemama Posts: 471
thanks a million for ur replies girls, u can really feel on your own when a bf issue crops up so its great to get the advice. funnily enough, I've been eating more chocolate than ever the last few weeks so will cut diwn on that. One of the OPs suggested bringing him to doc to see if its reflux so he has his 6 week check up next week so will bring him first thing on Monday to see what he says. I wont give up today as I will only regret it, just thought it woukd be getting easier by now, not harder, and its hard knowing that some eleement of me feeding him is upsetting him rather than comforting him. Hopefully thibgs will improve over the next week or two.
Ljp Posts: 161
I agree with the others, don't give up the bfeeding now, especially if it is something like reflux or colic the formula could bring u another set of problems. It may be that a 5-10 minute feed is enough for him at a time, babies start to get very efficient at feeding so don't worry about the time. I used to go to a bfeeding group and the lactation consultants there used to say don't watch the clock, just follow the babies lead for when he wants to feed and for how long. Is there a bf group near you that you could attend, I found it great for weekly support and a chat and answering all my questions. Bring him to doc if it will put your mind at ease, but it could be just a phase/growth spurt/unsettled period and it will pass. Well done on the breastfeeding it sounds to me like you are doing a great job. Good luck...
BusyBee2013 Posts: 117
You could have a fast let down/ over supply, causing the wind and spitting up. Winding him early into a feed may help. You say after 5 or 10 mins he's off the breast. Maybe take that as his cue to wind him. Walking around winding him should distract him to settle him a little as if he's crying it won't help his wind. Then after winding him put him back to the breast. If he's sick, don't worry that he's brought all his milk back up, it always looks more than it is. You'll probably find he's starting to get more unsettled in the evening. This is totally normal and most babies, breast or bottle fed, go through that.
messi Posts: 234
Hi hun Dont give up yet, my lo was the same and it was so tough but we got there and it got so much easier. Around six weeks sometimes they have a growth spurt and will continually want to be latched on and just generally fussy. I found she only fed for five-ten minutes at a time also. I think I may have had fast let down perhaps you do too. Let the baby lead you they know when they have had enough and as long as they are putting on weight please dont worry are they are getting enough. My lo also struggled with wind we used infacol I didnt think it was amazing but it probably did help somewhat it can take a few weeks for infacol to start working though so stick with it. I think some babies are generally fussier than others my lo definitely had colic which I didnt think would happen when breast feeding but some are more sensitive than others. After a few weeks I started giving one bottle of formula before bed. Its not for everyone but it worked for me lo slept a little longer and I would let my partner give her that feed while I had bath and went to bed. I think if I hadnt of done that I would have given up breastfeeding a lot sooner. Just find a pattern that works for you and dont be too hard on yourself. I found I was constantly stressing about feeding but when I started relaxing a bit more and got a bit more confident things got easier. HTH
Poppyseed Posts: 513
Sounds like wind, my baby does the same. Can you get your hands on some gripe water? Also there's an app called 'the Wonder Weeks' it described the developmental leaps your baby goes through and it explains why they go through fussy periods. Never give up on a bad day. Definitely try and find a local BF group for support xx
Hbombadero Posts: 1960
My SiL found that when she ate garlic, onions, pepper and spices the baby was fussy. Might be of assistance. Best of luck