att june mams. Re-Passing fuid/discharge..tmi!!!!!

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bree Posts: 1880
Hi all.any opinions appreciated here.. got up with DD earlier & was playing on the floor when i stood up i noticed my thigh was wet ( just a dribble) , on knicker investigation my undies were little wet & when i wipped there was clear discharge/fluid ( almost like what drips out of u after dtd..which we hadnt done by the way).... anyhow.. now im noticing all sorts of pains ( mostly in my back)which im sure are purely in my head... i was at my Gp before xmas at 14wks ( & she didnt pick up heartbeat which makes me even more paranoid ) & am due my first hospital visit/scan tomorrow afternoon. I rang the maternity unit for there opionion & they said to come in tru A&E & get it question is..... has this happened to anyone else?? was it just discharge do u think? ( only about half an egg cup id say) if i go to maternity they will more than likely just send me home til scan tomorrow without checking anything worth while ( i had a bleed during 1t Pg at 18wks & was sent home & told i was having 'probobale miscarraige' without even listenting with the doppler.. i was left with serious problems with the health system after that & SOO wanna avoid that stress ) oh God, is it ever easy?? im feeling back ache now .. due into work @2pm... & in all its irony i have to do lifting today which i never required !!!! ps- have a panty liner on now & its completly dry! thanks in advance
silíní Posts: 4219
Increased clear discharge is totally normal at this stage of the preg, i've had it on and off for weeks. but if you are worried i'd say go in and get it checked out to set your mind at ease..... Dont let them get you down, just go in there and tell them how you feel..... I know it's hard to deal with people like this but you will feel better if you get it checked out i think. Good luck! S
Dootsay Posts: 958
Hi Bree Your poor thing. Hope the back pain has eased? I have more clear discharge and it seems to get heavier if I am active, like walking etc were you v active playing with your DD? I have a friend who is due 10 days before me and she has also complained of this, so hopefully it is just a typical symptom. But - do go in to the hospital, getting this checked will do no harm, and on the plus side you've got a scan tomorrow that will ease your mind, just think you'll get to see your babs on screen again :lvs
Blackbird Posts: 5135
Hi Bree, how are you now? I have lots of cm, some days worse than others but I don't think I've really experienced what you described. If you're worried then go to the hospital today. You'll be seeing someone for the scan tomorrow but will you be seeing a midwife or consultant as well? I hope you're not too worried, take it easy.
bree Posts: 1880
thanks a million girls. skipped work & went back to bed ( really hadnt realised how shattered i was ) ..decided not to go to A&E & i didnt pass anymore fluid thank God. I didnt have any discharge til the very end of my last Pg so am probobly comparing them too much ( am telling DH its twins & thats why..hehe). Having a really lovely restful day. Dh gone for chinese now & the couch&laptop for the evening so im sure the rest will be good regardless. tomorrow is the first day we'l see his baby on screen so excited & anxious at the same time.. roll on 2pm! thanks again everyone i really appreciated your posts. Bree
tfarmur Posts: 243
What you described is very similiar to what I expierence alot of the time.. Lots of CM and wet at times as well! As far as I know that is pretty normal but will talk to my consultant about it today.. I am expecting twins so I am just presuming there will be more of everything! Good luck with your scan today :wv [url=] [img:inx4218h];19;29/st/20080613/k/55d4/preg.png[/img:inx4218h] [/url] url=] [img:inx4218h];10716;95/st/20021113/n/Little+Missy/k/9e68/age.png[/img:inx4218h] [/url]
whackywoman Posts: 1496
Bree You sound exactly the way I was this morning. I seemed to have loads of discharge and have pains in my back and stomach but am putting it down to baby and natural causes. Hope scan went well and baby was all fine.