Att Payrole People - I just got 5k rebate and dont know why

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kckc123 Posts: 66
Ok i am so not complaining - feel like i've won the lotto but i just got rebate of E4,700 and have no idea why - before christmas i enquired with the tax office of how i claim for when i was off on maternity leave and the very helpful lady checked my details and they had me down for claiming one parent allowance - I hadnt' claimed for one parent since 2005 when i changed jobs and was earning substantially more than i had been. It must be because of this but i can't figure out why - I have always been getting the single parent tax credit. I'm not complaining obviously as we are so stuck for money its a blessing.
Kickasswife Posts: 4051
it :-8
kckc123 Posts: 66
I don't understand it either and i am half afraid they will come looking for it back.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I don't understand it either but I'm sure if Revenue sent you out a cheque you are entitled to it!!Enjoy it ;o)
GAA Fan Posts: 629
Usually from Revenue (I presume it was them you got it from) when they are doing a rebate you sometimes might get the cheque first. But a day or two later you will get how the calculated this amount. Hold onto cheque until you get this breakdown, I say you had wrong Tax Credit & allowances and she back dated these for you.
kckc123 Posts: 66
it was lodged to my bank account and i got p21s for the last four years and each year was refund was about a grand. I don't understand they always had me correctly taxed as a single parent, so it seems to me the fact that they had me down as claimign social when i wasn't must have affected it - but I didn't think that affected my tax
ott Posts: 3920
Was your single parent tax credit reduced because they thought you were in receipt of the allowance? Based on your earnings... I don't know if this is possible - just an idea.
gottabfp Posts: 5641
sounds good, p21 calculate the tax you have paid and if it is wrong this corrects it. I applied for a p21 and i ended up oweing them €1000 . My aunt got 5000 too.
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
Have a read of this kckc123 - there are a number of scenarios which may have played out that would have resulted in you getting a tax credit - taking up full time work / transitional payments / took time work following birth of child etc. ... yment.html
kckc123 Posts: 66
Thanks for replies i'm going to check up the citizens info now - it mus be something to do with it