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missust Posts: 370
i've just been paid for the first time since starting ml on the 2nd. including the yard duty money i'm only up e500. it says dsfa deduction e560 (1 day on maternity leave???). i thought the whole point of the mb10 form was that social welfare payment went to the dept and my wages would remain as they were before ml. spoke to couple of girls in work and they all got at least e700 yard duty money after tax. does anyone know whats going on?so depressed. have spent the money already on the nursery i thought i'd be getting for duty.was under the impression my wages would be better during ml due to tax etc.
coraline Posts: 925
Hi missust, I got about 800 for supervision, everyone should get about the same I think ? As far as I know the social welfare payment is paid directly to you so that might make up the difference. Maybe give them a call to check, its so hard trying to decipher all the forms/info.... Hope you get it sorted xxx
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
mrs.july Posts: 3167
My ML officially starts on the 8th so didnt come out of this payslip. But, last Friday, I got 46euro into bank account from DSW -they pay in advance so presume that is for Saturday, and then tomorrow or Monday (Monday is the official day but was told it is often paid on Fridays) I will get paid for next week. So Welfare pay a week in advance but our salary is paid fortnight in arrears so first few weeks will be a bit all over the place. In your payslip, the 560 is 2 weeks worth of ML which is a bit strange that it's been paid in advance. Also, you should have received money direct into bank account already from welfare-it's all done separately now. I'd say ring payroll and make sure your dates with them are correct and get onto welfare too to see what the hold up is with your benefit!!
charliesangel Posts: 2106
girls just wondering i work as a sna and going on maternity leave late feb which means im off from march - august do i get the 2 months of summer off as extra so im not back till end oct????
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Charliesangel- AFAIK leave in lieu is the same as for teachers-you get a maz of 30 days in lieu for all the holidays you miss-so in your case, Paddys day, Easter, bank hols in May, June and all of the summer is included-you can only claim 30 of these back.
missust Posts: 370
i'll have to waddle to the bank today and see whats in my account. the welfare bit was a deduction, not a payment on my payslip. have no idea whats in my account though so wont ring them til i'm sure-dont wanna inflict my horrendous humour on a poor innocent in payroll until i'm sure.
Villa Posts: 20
Sorry for hi jacking this post but couldn't find the answer on other threads. Just wondered if there is an ideal time of the year to go on maternity leave as a primary teacher. Obviously nature isn't always aware of such timing but if anyone has any thoughts that would be great.
missust Posts: 370
if only things could be so planned. girls in work reckon a due date of sept 15 is ideal as you have summer off then back on 1st sept, then off on ml til easter. OR if you plan it so you'll have summer off with babs might suit better. imo any time is the perfect time to have a baby. i didnt even consider class disruption etc as my family had to take priority over other people's. works out well for me though as i worked up til summer and will be back with my new class after easter. easy for school to get a really good sub beginning in sept until march.and i only need to find a minder for 8 weeks and then i'm off again for summer and proper arrangements can be made for minder starting sept. btw things rarely go along with your perfect plan
tilsun Posts: 4506
I'd hazard a guess that 6 months before the 1st of July is ideal as you then get the summer as a bonus