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ailesbury Posts: 45
I went to try on my wedding dress today which I ordered 6 weeks ago.... I was told the dress would take 5 to 6 months to arrive so I was a little surprised when the shop rang to say it was in but I was excited at the same time. So when I arrived the shop assistant showed me my dress, which was in a shop bag and I tried it on. I noticed when trying it on that there were 2 different linings in the dress but she said it was normal. Becasue of the lighting in the shop I couldn't tell if this made a difference to the colour of the dress in parts. I couldn't remember whether the sample was like that when i tried it on so I continued and then stepped out to show my mum and sister the dress. My mother immediately noticed a hole in the side of the dress at the bottom. When she pointed it out the assistant said 'No there's no hole' as she gathered the dress at the bottom and folded it under (I'm only 5 foot 1 so need a lot to be taken off). My mum then came over and unfolded the dress out and pointed out the hole to which the assistant said 'well that didn't happen in this shop but sure anyway you'll be getting it cut off to be adjusted for your height'. I think I was in shock cause I couldn't say anything. When my mam asked could we get a fresh dress, she said that she'd have to ring Pronovias and see. So my mam then asked what about a discount, to which she said as well that she'd have to ring Pronovias and see! The assistant did not seem at any point surprised that there was a hole, nor was she apologetic about it. So these are my questions girls: 1) Seen as I have never bought a wedding dress before, I have no idea what way it should have been presented to me. Should it have been presented in a shop bag or a Pronovias bag? 2) Do you think it's a bit suss that it only took 6 weeks to arrive? Do you think I was given a sample dress and my dress in fact was not ordered? 3) Would you continue with purchase with this shop or would you ask for a full refund?? 4) Would I be entitled to ask for a full refund of deposit because the dress was not as described?
hadtoleave Posts: 2522
My dress just came in a shop bag, don’t really think that is a big deal that it isn't in a pronovias bag. did you ask them why it was in early?
flor Posts: 1621
Ailesbury - I had originally posted a different answer but having re-read your post, I think maybe there is a chance that this is a new dress that simply has a flaw... But it's also possible it's a sample being passed off as new. Without seeing it, though, it's difficult to say. Were there any signs of wear at all on the dress, inside or out? Having paid such an amount of money for a dress for one day, though, I really would expect it to be in PRISTINE condition. The fact that that part of the hem would be removed anyway is irrelevant - it could just as easily have been the case that it wouldn't have had to be hemmed. Pronovias also seem to pride themselves on the quality of their dresses, so the fact there's a hole in it would certainly seem to contradict that. But the fact that it has come in quite so early would [i:fh5vmucf]really[/i:fh5vmucf] make me suspicious.... The fact of the packaging is largely irrelevant, shops will often (legitimately) take a dress out of the packaging in which it was delivered, maybe to have it steamed, and repackage it in one of their own dress bags for delivery to the customer. But in any event, there is nothing stopping the retailer from putting an 'old' dress in a new dress bag & passing it off as new. Did you bring the dress home with you or pay the balance of the price on the dress? If so, it might make your bargaining position a bit more difficult. If you haven’t done either, then I would go back to the shop with your mum and bridesmaids and a camera and ask to try the dress on again. Take pictures of the dress and the flaws (you have paid a deposit on it so you should be allowed to do this). If there is a window in the shop, stand near it so as to be able to see it properly, in daylight. I would then insist on speaking to the manager. Tell her about your surprise and disappointment at the flaw in the dress and your surprise at it arriving so early and ask to be shown the delivery docket from the supplier. If she refuses to show you the delivery documentation it would raise serious questions in my mind as to why, in which case I’d be asking for my deposit back & taking my business elsewhere. Have you discussed it any further with your mum – what does she think you should do? Let us know what you decide.... good luck. I really think you should question this with the shop & not just go along iwth it.
2013TTC Posts: 121
Hi Ailesbury, In response to the question about the dress not being in a pronovias bag....i wouldn't have worried about that and i doubt you would have either if everything was okay with the dress. When i brought my dress home from the shop they had put it into another designers bag because the one it was delivered in was very narrow and was causing the dress to wrinkle so sometimes it can happen for legitimate reasons. However given that your dress had a hole in it i would basically demand a dress in perfect condition or my money back. I am usually a pretty strong person but when i first went to collect my dress there was a flaw in it and i basically fell to pieces. Thankfully like you my mum was with me and she did the hard talking on my behalf. The bridal shop i bought from couldn't have been better and they got me a new dress - even though like you it could have been repaired. I'm sure your shop will do the same for you. Just make it clear what you want. Good luck x
ailesbury Posts: 45
thanks for the replies girls. I didn't take the dress home with me... thank god! my mam said to the assistant the she either must get me a new dress or a major discount on the one that they produced today. Am pretty neervous about the shop now and don't really trust them so not sure what to do.
craigsmrs Posts: 341
Hi Ailesbury Ok Firstly. Your dress, That you ordered & are buying, should be presented to you in a pristine condition. Having a hole is not acceptable & the shop are well aware of this. The fact that she turned the dress under to hide it is a definite giveaway that they were aware of it and were trying to hide it from you. My pronovias dress took 8 months to come in. I wouldnt be surprised if it was someone elses dress that was damaged & theyd to replace it & are giving you the damaged one because they think they'll get away with it because it wouldnt be noticeable after alterations because of your height. They I assume were just hoping you wouldnt notice. secondly, It is not up to pronovias whether to offer you a discount. You are buying from THEM, it is up to them to offer you a discount or reorder your dress. They can take it up with Pronovias that the dress is damaged but thats between the store & pronovias , your dealings are with them directly. Theyre being sneaky & I wouldnt like it. It would make me go elsewhere, If you have the time I would ask for my deposit back & order from someone else. Took this from the national consumer agency website: [i:9b6kl098]Read and prepare yourself Where goods turn out to be faulty and where you are not to blame, you have a number of options under consumer law. Faults with goods may be major or minor and present different issues for particular products. If the fault is minor, for example a button is missing from a piece of clothing you bought, you have the option to request a repair, replacement, a reduction in the price you paid or a refund. However, if the trader refuses to meet your requests or there is an unreasonable delay in providing one of these remedies, then you have the right to reject the goods and rescind the contract. Your contract is with the retailer or supplier who sold you the goods or products so if there is a fault, it is up to them to fix it. You may also have extra protection if you have a guarantee or warranty from the manufacturer. [b:9b6kl098]What to do[/b:9b6kl098] You should return the faulty item to the seller as soon as possible and explain what the problem is. If you think it might be useful, print out the page and bring it with you. If you have a complaint about faulty goods, shop notices such as "No Refunds" or "No Exchanges" do not limit your rights. Some shops display these notices, particularly during the sales, but this does not take away your rights under consumer law if the goods are faulty. [b:9b6kl098]Reject & rescind[/b:9b6kl098] When you buy goods, you enter into a[b:9b6kl098] contract with the seller[/b:9b6kl098]. If those goods turn out to be faulty and the fault is major, you are entitled to reject the goods and rescind (end) the contract. [/i:9b6kl098]
caz1301 Posts: 249
My pronovias took 7 months to come in unless they managed to get one from another store in ur size ... My shop said if mine didnt fit she had arranged to get one from a store in England in my size ..thankfully it fit ! so they must do that sometimes too to be quicker I think if it was a sample there would be make up or dirt marks on it from people trying it on but get ur mam to have a closer look again (the mammies are usually better at this ) ha ha
ailesbury Posts: 45
Hi Craigmrs, thanks for all the info. If I can get away with it, I think I'll be looking for a full refund. The reason being is that 1) the assistant tried to hide it 2) no apology was given 3) she did not want me to inspect the dress 4) the hole in the dress looks like someone else had tried it on and put the heel of their shoe through it 5) I found it very odd that there were 2 different linings in the dress... almost as if it was a sample. I really feel like i'm being duped by the shop. Can I ask did your dress come with a certificate of authenticity?? I rang another shop and they also stock the same dress and said they could get it in for me on time (not getting amrried till october) so I am hoping to go with them instead.
craigsmrs Posts: 341
[quote="ailesbury ":2auxcweo]Can I ask did your dress come with a certificate of authenticity??[/quote:2auxcweo] I dont know the answer to that, my dress is still in the shop and theyre keeping it until I collect it in a few weeks. I have tried it tho & its perfect. You are entitled to have your money refunded, I would ring them & tell them that youre not happy, that you ordered a dress in good faith believing that you would be given a dress in pristine condition and you weren't, That under consumer law you are entitled to reject & rescind the goods which will cancel the contract you have with them & entitle you to a refund. They have no grounds to refuse. Dont argue on the phone, simply state your case factually and stay calm at all times. *) The dress is not as you ordered. *) Its damaged. *) Has a major fault. *) you would like a refund and that if they refuse that you will file a claim with the small claims court.. If they do refuse, simply file a case with the small claims court in your area, its very simple and wont take long
bride2be2013 Posts: 78
I think you should go back in with your mam quoting your rights in a pleasant manner and just say you want a full refund. I could not go ahead with a purchase from this shop after this treatment and i would go and order the dress in the other shop that you contacted. I would also contact pronovias to make them aware of the issue and warn them about what happened just to let them know. pronovias pride themselves on quality and would not be wanting a supplier treatinfg a customer in this way.