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Superwifey Posts: 277
Hi girlies, I just wanted to do a poll to see how many of you have found/ordered your wedding dress already. I havnt even started looking for mine yet but i know a few girls who are getting married in July 09 who have already ordered theirs. I dont have any problem looking for dresses this early on and i know the whole thing about giving a good 8-10 months notice for dress order but i really wanted to lose a good bit of weight first (about 3 stone :-8 ) I dont want to ruin the whole dress shopping experience by being so unhappy with my weight/size but at the same time i dont want to leave it too late either. Do you think the end of the summer sep/oct is getting a bit late to start dress shopping for july 09 or do you think i should just bite the bullet and start looking now the way i am even though i am extremely body conscious. Sorry for the long post girls, any help or advice greatly appreciated thank you :-8
july2010b2b Posts: 299
Hi... Im a July 09 bride and I havent started looking yet! If you are going to be self conscious then id say your best off waiting! You want to enjoy shopping for your dress and dont want it to be just something that has to be done!!
Superwifey Posts: 277
Thanks for the reply July09bride, when are you going to start looking if you dont mind me asking, im hoping to lose some weight over the summer and begin the search around Sept, just makes me nervous when i hear of all the other July 09 brides who have already chosen and ordered their dresses :o(
july2010b2b Posts: 299
Im not too sure to be honest maybe in July or Aug... I am very fussy with dresses I never really wear them so i think ill be a long time looking only for that I would leave it even later Id say once give 8 months thats loads! So to order in November be ok!! I called one shop last week as like you I know most have theirs and i was panicking and they said 6 to 8 months so I felt better then!!
Starchaser Posts: 319
I found my dress last week. Looked at different styles online and found the names of designers I liked. Got a last minute appointment in Ciara Bridal, tried on 5 dresses and the first one I tried on was the one. Haven't ordered it yet, but am relieved that it's one less thing to think about. Maybe if you want to lose a few pounds, you could still try on a few simply to eliminate the styles that don't suit you so that you could have a shortlist for later on?
wed Posts: 117
Hi there, I am also a July 09 bride and only recently I emailed many stores asking when was best to start looking and ordering the dress. They said new styles not in shops till Sept so best to wait until then!! Hope this helps....
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Another July 09 B2B Checkin' In :wv Have my dress since last June!!! :wv
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Hi all, I'm 25th of July 2009 and have not even looked at one dress yet! I want to loose about a stone before I pick but that is not really what is stopping me, I just think it is waaay too soon as I think if I buy one now I will see a nicer one at a later date! Plan to start looking this Autumn / winter!
she Posts: 3298
I'm May 09, and I have my dress. Like your self, I need to lose a 2 stone, could do with more but have decided Im not killing my self as I [b:2u6nszff]always[/b:2u6nszff] end up putting it back on. I went into a dress shop last year and I have to say I was dreading it but the girl made me feel at ease, even though I was in my knickers and bra most of the time. I went to Bella Novia in Dublin city centre and they have bigger size dresses as well, to try on.( size 14- upwards) I got a beautiful dress with corset back because even if I loses the weight(fingers crossed), the dress can be just pulled in and won't need major alterations. My advice is go when you feel comfortable but please give your self enough time to allow for alterations and delays with the dress. I've seen a good few girls on this site in panic mode because they didn't leave enough time for unexpected delays.... Remember Murphy's Law states, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong!!!!!!!!!! :wv good luck with it.....
Diamontee Posts: 675
Hi All, Im a July bride aswell. I Got my dress 2 weeks ago. I fell in love with the 3rd dress I tried on and was afraid if I left it there I wound'nt find anything I loved as much!! Its fab!! :o)ll I think you should get your dress when you know you have found the ONE., Whether its in a week, month or 6 months!! :o)ll