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anika Posts: 2194
I am in two minds and just don't know what to do. Hubby got into his head that he wants to immigrate to Australia, as there is nothing here for us anymore. Europe has no future and is basically f*cked. He is unemployed and will more likely not get a job in the construction industry anymore. I am a stay at home mom, but kinda working from home with my own business which is after slowing down big time as well. Now, i'd have no problem to move, but i am very close to my family and i already moved away from my home country (9 years ago) to live with hubby when we met. And to be honest i can live with being a 2 hour flight apart from them, but being on the other side of the world??? My head is totally wrecked and i know where hubby is coming from and i know he is right that us and especially our children will have a far better future and life in Australia than here in Europe. We own our house here, have no mortgage, so if things don't work out, we do have a place to come back to. it really is the family side of it that is so so hard for me. If my mum gets wind of it she will actually have a heart attack, as she finds it hard enough being o far away from her first grandchild, and now the 2nd grandchild is on the way doens't make things easier O:| We have friends who lived in Australia for years, came back and moving back now next year. W had a long chat with them yesterday and i asked loads of questions about everything. It all sounds good and i get hubbies point totally, IF IT JUST ASN'T SO SO FAR AWAY :weep :weep :weep :weep Why am i writing this here? I don't know, i guess i hope there is somebody on here who is the same or at least similar situation as me and has any advise.
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
How long has he been talking about going? Has he actually investigated the skilled migration process? I understand it can be quite long if you're not one of the desired professions. Maybe just let it sit with him for a little while, mull it over a bit more. Would he consider somewhere else like Canada maybe? it wouldn't be as far away.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
I totally understand your dilemma. My husband is a qualified carpenter by trade, lost his job a few years ago and we looked into Australia too. The distance is such a big deal. Thing is my job was ok at the time and I would have had to take a back seat out there so didn't make we've heard mixed reports on how easy it actually is to get work there. After bring unemployed a year H got a lucky break and now works in a business job/operations. However his hours are crazy, it's an awful place to work so we were actually talking about emigrating again. Thing is Oz is too far I think and we have a dog who we wouldn't leave....maybe Canada. Would you consider Canada as it's not nearly as far and it's supposed to be a great country to live? Easier for family to visit once a year and you could go home once a year....I'm not sure we would do it but if we did I reckon Canada would be our choice
LittleLily Posts: 3682
The way I see it, its always worth discussing your options and investigating possibilities and making an informed decision then. Would you consider trying it out just for a year? A year is very little time and it flies by but after that year you would know whether its worth you staying for longer or not. You're in a great position to be able to do this with having your house to come back to. You could also rent out your house for the year to supplement your income because as AmandaMc said I've heard that its not as easy to get a job as it used to be. Australia is very far and we did consider it and ruled it out (went for Canada in the end) but I cannot over emphasise how useful Skype is. I basically see my family every week and talk to everyone. My brother lives in Japan so my Mum has a Canada clock and a Japan clock on the computer so she knows when is a good time to call us. I nearly talk to my brother more now that hes in a different country than when we lived in the same house because we were always out working. Definitely talk about it and consider it and decide what to do then.
tilsun Posts: 4506
DH moved to Ireland for me and now he is the one with no work/little prospects here. It would break my heart to leave my family and friends but I would be willing to, as a) I want him to be happy and b) he has done it for me. But I honestly would only consider Australia as the final option after ruling out everywhere else. I have been to Australia an loved it, but for me it is just too far. With two small children when would you ever be able to visit your family? Are your parents young enough to travel to there? For mine I really don't think it would be an option more than once in their lifetime. So realistically I would maybe see them twice in the next 5 years. It just wouldn't be an option for me. Sorry if I sound negative or am making it harder but I do think you need to be realistic before entering into this. Going for a year would be quite expensive and only worth it if you were considering staying in my opinion. I would definately look at Canada or other countries first, I am assuming there is no work in your home country either? I do wish you luck, I am so afraid we'll be in the same situation soon, so I feel for you. :wv
Roxanne Posts: 3201
I'd think very, very hard about this before making a decision. A good friend of mine married a man from New Zealand and they live there now with their two children. He has a son in NZ from a previous relationship so she knows that moving to Ireland will never be even a remote possibility. I know that it breaks her heart to be so far from her family, which is a large, close knit one. Because there are four of them now it costs about 10,000 euro to come home so they only do it about every four years. And in between they do nothing , go nowhere, because they are always saving for the next trip home. Her nieces and nephews are strangers to her and now that her parents are getting older, she starts to wonder when she sees them if this will be the last time... There are huge implications. Leaving your friends and family to move to the one you love is one thing, but for the sake of lifestyle is another altogether. I don't think I could do it, but I suppose that's easy for me to say, never having been in that position. But the best of luck with your decision.
trouble2 Posts: 224
Tough decision but do your research before you go Friends of ours have just moved back to the uk after a year in oz. They moved out last august but struggled to get work- he is a qualified teacher but they are only recruiting teachers qualified in last 5 years and she is in health profession with many years experience and never got permanaent postw Yes they loved the outdoor life but she found a lot of negative attitude towards foreigners- and they are british! Also food was expensive, for eg banannas are 5 times the price. She also found crime to be highter than they would like you to know about. Not all the dream its made out to be. Obviously things vary depending on your location but really need to check it out first.
Kaycee Posts: 2107
food is generally quite cheap in australia but i do agree id have serious think about it. i lived there myself and its so far from home. yes its a different lifestyle but they actually complain about the same things we do, such as house prices, transport, inflation etc, the grass is greener as they say. a cousin of mine went out a few years ago with her husband and 3 kids, her daughter developed anorexia and they just couldnt bring her home as the upending would do even further damage. she ended up splitting from her husband but longed for home and ended up leaving the two oldest children in Australia (who were by then old enough to have a say in what they wanted) so now shes been back here for a few years with her youngest and the two oldest live in australia with their dad and new family. now this is obviously an extreme story but just a reason to think really carefully./ at the same time, as you've got a house but no mortgage you're in a great position to give it a go. i can't see you mentioning how old your oldest is. this would have a factor in my decision if I had to make it. australia in the scheme of things is just a good a place to live (if you're from there) but the added bonus of the weather and they're economy is doing very well indeed. the negatives i found about oz: extreme weather (surprisingly) ozzies are the most arrogant nation i've encountered its really really far away from family you can't get on a one/two hour flight to europe on holiday
blondiechick Posts: 1641
[quote="Roxanne":3mdg2fpf] I know that it breaks her heart to be so far from her family, which is a large, close knit one. Because there are four of them now it costs about 10,000 euro to come home so they only do it about every four years.[/quote:3mdg2fpf] I also know someone living in NZ and it costs them an absolute fortune to come home. So they only do it every few years. And she misses her family so much too and has missed out on so much here too. In saying that, if we were unemployed, i think we would move abroad too.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
I think Canada (or somewhere closer) might be the better option for you. Work is not that plenty in Oz at the moment esp in construction, my brother is comtemplating going again (on his 3rd or 4th trip!) but he might have a job lined up as he has a lot of contacts out there from having being there previously. New Zealand are looking for Irish construction workers at the minute to rebuild Christchurch after the earthquake. If we didnt have our house built and no baby on the way (and no pets :) ) and if hubbie hadnt a stable job we would be gone!