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bucketofchips Posts: 1913
Further to my thread earlier I would never want to appear to be favouring animals over humans so please girls, dig deep and donate what you can to help the 1,000's of people affected by these horrendous fires. People have lost husbands, wives, children, siblings, grandparents and other family members. Most people have absolutely nothing left - some had to flee into the flames barefoot wearing nothing more than their underwear. The ones who made it are suffering terrible burns and smoke-inhalation injuries and no homes or family left. Death-toll is estimated at 300+. The size of land destroyed is almost twice the size of Co. Wicklow. As mentioned in my other thread noted above - the AUD$ rate at the moment means EUR1.00 = just about AUD$2.00, so your money, no matter how small the donation, will go a long way to help. Thanks girls (and the odd guy wollie!) :thnk :lvs [b:11wluwsr] [/b:11wluwsr] [img:11wluwsr][/img:11wluwsr] [img:11wluwsr][/img:11wluwsr] [img:11wluwsr][/img:11wluwsr] [img:11wluwsr][/img:11wluwsr]
LookWhoItIs Posts: 851
Those pictures are gut wrenching. God help the people. I heard on Sky news last night that the area destroyed is 4 times the size of London... :o( I made a donation to the Red Cross, it's not much but it all adds up.