Australian Work Permits/Visas??

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tink Posts: 37
Hi All, I'm marrying my Australian H2B in May & we're planning to move to Australia by Christmas to live. What we're not sure about is whether to apply for my visa now, apply once we're married or wait till we're actually in Australia. From researching on-line, there doesn't seem to be any major advantages of being married, however there is a cost difference between applying from overseas & applying from within Oz. Also if I waited until I was in Australia would I have problems getting a job until the visa was issued Anyone been through this already?? Any tips? I'd appreciate any suggestions Tink
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
if you apply now you have to produce all manner of documentary evidence that you are actually a defacto couple and that you have been living together for a year...i mean a lot of evidence...and it is hard work best avoided if you can manage it.... if you are under 30 you could apply for a backpackers visa to get you into the country (enabling you to work) and then you could apply from there, thus saving on the price differance...and the waiting time... thirdly...enter on a holiday (3 month) visa and then produce your marriage certificate and you are given a visa no qs asked (still having to pay obviously) and the questions are asked a year or 2 down the track...effectively allowing you the time to put together the documentary evidence with the knowledge you have to accumulate it... any questions feel free to PM me...
nic in oz Posts: 233
Athas seems to have it covered, except that the disadvantage of the backpackers visa is you have to change jobs every three months.... If you do come on one of the alternative visas you could do what we did and go to a migration agent for an appointment as if you are going to do the visa application with them(costs $80 or so, about E50) and pick their brains!! We got the agent to tell us which visa we could apply for and then I went off and applied for it - although is still a lot of work. Migration Agents can do it all for you but they usually charge another $1000-$1500 (E600-900) on top of your visa fee!! Nic
TwoTimes2006 Posts: 234
Hi Tink, The girls have covered it all really. In case you don't have the following link this has been really helpful to me with my visa application. [url:3vguqcty][/url:3vguqcty] What part of Oz will you be living in ?
tink Posts: 37
Thanks girls. I've just turned 30 (scarey!) so the backpacking visa is out anyway. I was reading about all the stuff you've to produce - We don't have joint bank accounts - We work for the same company in St Lucia so we opened separate ones. The company pays all our bills, so we've no utility bills in our name. I think we might have problems proving that we're actually living together! Twotimes2006 - Going to be living in Brisbane - actually looking at houses at the moment (on the internet obviously) - its so difficult trying to do it all from overseas. It would be great if we managed to buy a house before we got there, so we could work on it while we're looking for jobs etc & not wasting money on rent. Really shcoked about the interest rate on home loans though - its sickening how much you have to repay!! Athas - I think we'll probably go with your third option. Any idea how long it takes for the no questions asked one?? ie how long will it be before I can look for a job. Thanks again Tink