Autograph Kilkenny Wedding Band??? Feedback

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WeddingBelle2011 Posts: 503
Hi Girls n' Boys Does anybody have any feedback regarding this band based in Kilkenny. I would really appreciate it. Thanks :wv :wv
WeddingBelle2011 Posts: 503
:o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
WeddingBelle2011 Posts: 503
Hi, has no one heard of this band, i think i will have to have a re-think!!
mrskc2b Posts: 22
Hi I have them on my list 'to see play' as the Newpark hotel recommended them to me. They also listed other bands called soundsproof, the works and marble city show band. We spoke to a local DJ who said they were all quite good. I have not actually managed to see any of them yet so if you see any of them I would love to hear what you think! Have you been crashing weddings to see them play...I am mortified at the thoughts!!!
WeddingBelle2011 Posts: 503
No I haven't crashed any weddings yet, and to be honest I will just go in about 11 o'clock when everything should be in full swing to see what the atmosphere is like, then just listen to a few tunes. If i happen to see the bride i will congratulate her and just let her know that i am here to listen to the band, i am sure she had to do the same. I am sure most brides would understand, just make sure blend in with the crowd, so just get dolled up. If u happen to go to see them will u drop me a line and let me know what u thought of them??
supersas Posts: 3
Hey, Did you get any more feedback on Autograph? I heard through word of mouth that they were good and am interested in going to see them. We are getting married in March next year. :)
DiamondBride2011 Posts: 142
I didn't hear Autograph, although I have heard they are good. But I have booked the band soundproof for our day, i went to see them play, and they are a really lively band which is what i am looking for.
MrsRed Posts: 397
they played at my sisters wedding and were v good, floor full for the night!
MrsTwit Posts: 842
I think I heard them about 2 years ago at a wedding in Langtons and they were very good... will check it out with the bride 4 def... are you having your wedding at the Newpark?? Yeh I think the best bet is 2 slip in around 11 as you said... I have only attempted 2 wedding crash for the band once and 2 be honest felt really awkward coz it was quite a small wedding... but it has to be done I guess!! :-8
supersas Posts: 3
Hey, Does anyone have a contact number for Autograph. The number I've been given is (056) 7741609 and it is out of service. Planning to do a bit of wedding crashing myself to get to see them, hopefully if I can get in touch with them :) Thanks