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Weddingloon Posts: 445
Hi gals!! We're going to do this course in Oct. It says if you're being referred by a friend to give their name and address and they will knock 10 off the price! So if anyone believes me that I'm not a psycho stalker (I promise), and wanted to pm me that would be great!
paris chic Posts: 10
Or you could mention their ad in Confetti magazine to get the 10 euro off too. Thats what I did! Cheers
Weddingloon Posts: 445
Ah cool, didn't see that. So do I just put on the form - "ad in Confetti magazine"! Sweeeeet!!! :o0
summersurprise Posts: 1276
:wv anywhere they have an ad you can mention for the Ten euro discount, there also in The White Pages, a new bridal mag on the inside first page. Done it back in June, it was grand, we enjoyed it. :xox