Avent steriliser - which size bottles?

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pixie bride Posts: 263
I have bought an Avent steriliser so plan on getting the same brand bottles. Just wondering how many bottles I should start off with ? For example should I get 2 4onz & 4 9onz? How long generally do newborns stay on the 4 onz?
Angel Delight Posts: 103
I bought 6 x 9oz and 1 x 4oz. I only use the 4oz one for cooled boiled water and used the 9oz ones from the start. DD used the size 1 teats for about 3 weeks and she then moved onto size 2. HTH
babybambino Posts: 940
I would also say buy the larger bottles, there's no point in buying a load of small ones and then having to go out a few weeks later and buy the big ones, they're expensive! We have 5 9oz bottles but could probably do with 1 more to make life slightly easier.