Average cost of a harpist?

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Newbisan Posts: 38
Can anyone let me know the average cost of a harpist for the wedding ceremony? We've been quoted 200Euro and I have a feeling that's about the standard, though it seems a little steep for 1 hour/4 songs (especially w/ the exchange rate from the U.S. - ugh). No disrespect meant to any harpists of course, I'm just clueless about this one! :o0
elmo Posts: 6
hi Newbisan, I got priced 650 for the church and 300 extra for the hotel. The reason it is 650 as she has a 2 hour drive, but said her usual price in dublin is 450.
bbbride Posts: 664
ya the 200 is reasonable, when we enquired it was €300 for wedding and €100 more more the hotel.
Daddys Girl Posts: 267
Iv bn quoted €200 for the church and the reception. I thought I got a gr8 deal, obviously I hav after cn all your quotations from harpists.
WifeZilla Posts: 1222
Mine was €350 so i reckon you're getting a good deal at €200. I spoke to a local singer in Wexford who wanted over €1000 for her to sing for 1 hour with someone on the organ. Like WTF? I told her where to go!
Newbisan Posts: 38
Lol yeah Briday Widey that's just a bit excessive! Ok I feel better now, I guess we are getting a decent deal. I think she lives in the same village so maybe that's why it's not even more. Thanks everyone for your replies, can't go wrong with this message board!!
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
We got a local harpist that is charging us €250 for just the church. So I'd say its about average I suppose.
Anonymous Posts: 24542
we are paying 320 for ours so think 200 is a really good deal
mrsptobe Posts: 259
I have got quotes from 2 different harpists who also sing both are €450 but that includes travelling from Dublin to KK