Average cost of alterations for bride and BM

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mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
Hi everyone, just trying to budget for alterations, could you tell me what you paid for your dress to be altered, and how much I should expect to pay for a bridesmaid dress alteration? Im guessing they're not the same!
NinjaDonDon Posts: 300
Shop around! I bought my dress in Dublin and asked for alterations and a veil of my choosing to be included in the price. The shop were happy to do that – If you don’t ask, you don’t get! In the end up I wasn’t delighra with how my alterations went (this was mostly to do with the wanting it taken in a bit more on the hips after I took it home) so I took it to my own local seamstress in Monaghan who use to make wedding dresses and she altered it (perfectly might I add!) for a fiver! And she had it back to me a couple of hours after I gave it to her 3 days before the wedding! Worth her weight in gold that woman! She did the bridesmaid dresses for 25 a piece. I was quoted up to 45 a dress when I was pricing around.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I had three BM dresses to alter, one needed taken in and lifted at the shoulders - £40, one just needed taken in - £25 and one needed taken in, lifted and the split in the skirt closed - £60. My dress was silk satin with a lot of beading. It needed a hem, the neckline raised slightly and lifted at the shoulders which involved unstitching some of the beading and reapplying it - £120. These were Belfast prices and were done brilliantly. I'd definitely recommend them!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
My dress alterations were 120sterling, I needed it shortened, nipped in at the sides and around the shoulders & a veil shortened also. My bridesmaids cost 30 euro & 35 euro, one needed her shoulders nipped & shortened a tiny bit, the other needed it shortened a good bit & let out about an inch or so.
allsún Posts: 253
I've been told it'll be about €250 for my dress,but I need a lot of work.it has to come in a good bit on the hips and a small bit on the bust, which will involve moving bedding and the top is silk, it has to come up a good bit too and there are alot of layers, organza, satin, lining, two layers of something else, and it has a chapel length train,so there is alot of material!. Also there is the odd bead here and there that has to be replaced. There is also a matching shrug which has to be altered. So far I'm really happy with the lady,at the momment she's working on taking it in,i have to go back in November to measure for the length. I'm hoping the bridesmaids dresses won't need alterations as they were perfect when they were bought.
Jenron Posts: 259
I think it really depends on the work involved - the more work, the higher the price. My alterations were minimal and cost around €120 while my bridesmaids only needed the hem brought up and it cost €20 each because they were beaded dresses.