Average Cost of Wedding Band???

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Tiffaney Posts: 103
[color=#4000FF:qyxkdc8p]Hi All, Im trying to figure out my budget at the moment and Im just not really sure on the cost of a Band for my big day. Can you tell me approximately how much they cost and how long do they play for etc? What quotes have you got??? Thanks a million, any help with this budget planning would really be appreciated :wv [/color:qyxkdc8p]
ashysblushing Posts: 79
Hi Tiffaney, The quotes I've been getting for wedidng bands are crazy - all between 2,000 - 2,500 which for a 2 and a half hour set is madness. Our budget is way less than this so we have thought about going down the DJ for the day route but we really dont want to. Have a friend of a friend trying to sort out a discount on a band but have heard this band charge way more than the usual ones so not holding out hope. Is your wedding on a week day? We really wanted the goodfellas and they are doing a midweek wedding for €1,750 but €2,150 on Fridays and Saturdays :o( Have noticed all the bands that have 5-6 people in it are like well over €2,200 but I suppose more members mean more money so maybe go for a 3 or 4 piece band which is what were going to do. Good luck :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Tiffaney Posts: 103
WOW Ok that does sound like a lot or maybe Im just being naive and haven't looked around yet. Well I'll be the same as yourself as really dont think my budget will stretch that far and we're hoping to have a Friday Wedding. At 2200 for a 5 piece band works out at about €180 each for 2 and a half hours work, that is crazy! Its a recession :o(
ddwilliams Posts: 1
I was a bit taken back when I spoke with a some of the bands but I suppose you get what you pay for, midweeks seem to be better priced though I spoke with these guys recently and they seemed reasonable, don't know if they'd want me to mention the price quoted here though?? ;o( ;o( found them here [url:3on4lo6y][/url:3on4lo6y] think they might be on this site too Best of luck Tiffaney and Ashy :) :) :) Will write back when I have booked band and have more info! :custum59 :custum59 :custum59 :custum59 :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll DD
PerfectDayBand Posts: 462
Hi Ladies Sometimes I'm wary giving my tuppence worth in threads like this (in case I don't explain it right!!). But, when you look at a fee for a band, it's not a sum of money that gets split four, five, or six ways. Most of the wedding bands on here are run as a legitimate business, with all the overheads and spend that any business would have. We have taxes to pay, magazine/oneline advertising/wedding fairs/website upgrades/ videos/photographs/equipment.....the list goes on..... As for being 2.5 hours work, that's also not the case. For every wedding we do (and we do a lot!!), there would be an average thread of 7-10 emails per client, giving quotes, clarifying price, doing the deal, follow-up etc. I also offer a unique service in that I personally arrange to meet with all our couples to go through the set list. It does take a lot of time but the payback is worth it. Our dance floors are NEVER empty. There is travel time to and from the gig and the waiting around, as bands will always arrive early. Most importantly, I think couples are learning to appreciate that a wedding band is well worth their money if they can deliver. It doesnt' matter if six of the best musicians and singers in the world get together and decide to form a wedding band. It's only the bands that are used to playing weddings will know how NOT to let the floor clear - how to have a great mix of music, and how to ENTERTAIN and INTERACT. I adore what I'm doing and there is a real feeling of job satisfaction when you're getting in your car leaving a crowd drowned in sweat from dancing up a storm. is my job. If someone really loves us and wants to book us, I'm always happy to look at the price and see if we can find something that works for both of us. There's always a way :) I have huge respect for people that can make me get off my chair and dance for two hours, so I'm proud that we can do that also xxx Best of luck everyone with all your plans. Enjoy it all :o)ll Cheers all Catherine [email protected]\PerfectDayBand
happyfamily Posts: 3323
We're paying 1800 for a live band and an extra 400 for the DJ after. They're an amazing band and I think they'll be well worth it!
ginger power Posts: 1632
Happy family who is your band sounds like great price :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll