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princess tinkerbelle Posts: 811
[color=violet:2og3lk43]Hey guys, getting engaged at end of this year and hoping to get married in Sept 09 - can't wait :o)ll Just wondering if anyone could tell me what the average cost of a wedding is as we'll need to get saving!! Would really love to get married next year but think this would be too much of a rush, what do you think? Thanks :lvs [/color:2og3lk43]
baby2010 Posts: 908
Hi, it all depends on what type of wedding you're looking at having. But the average seems to be somewhere in between 20k and 30k - quite wide range I know and I've seen lots of brides on here having done it for less but without knowing how big and what you're having this is just a guide.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
Really depends on what your budget can stretch too and what you are willing to pay. Weddings can range from €5,000 to €500,000 and so on depending on what you want. We planned ours 2 years in advance as we are really splashing out and are not worried what others think as it is our wedding. Others prefer smaller more low key events and would hate a massive wedding. If you give us some idea of what type of wedding you would like girls with a similar wedding style may be able to give you an idea. I would say though around €20,000 to €30,000 seems to be the average I have seen on here. Good Luck with it all. :wv
ANAIS21 Posts: 2401
:wv Congratulations, i know your not Engaged yet, but still exciting.. Your wedding budget all depends on what you want.. Decide first if you want to have a big or small wedding at home, or do you want to go away.. Then write down all the neccesary things you would like to have on the day, things like Photographer, Flowers, vVdeographer etc. Then shop around for Hotels and have a look at their prices for this & next year, you probably won't get prices for 09, but the usually say a rise around 5% I am having a big wedding for 200 and our's is coming in and round 35k, honeymoon included but not spending money.. Good luck with the planning... xx
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
:wv Well b2b, obviously it varies from wedding to wedding. I think the average ranges from 15,000 - 20,000. Best thing to do is do out a budget. Write down a guest list, and ring around a few hotels to get an idea of prices per head. We are just engaged a couple of months and are getting married next year, we're not going overboard with anything but are saving our asses off to get the money sorted. You'd be surprised at how much you can save though when you put your mind to it. For example - do you know somebody with a merc/bmw that can drive for you rather than renting a car? Get somebody you know to do the flowers (or do them yourself) Make your own invitations. Can one of the family make the cake? The biggest costs are: church reception wine band/dj photographer videographer choir/singer for ceremony dress of your dreams (I'm buying online and saving a fortune I hope!) suits for h2b & groomsmen cake If I've left anything out I'm sure somebody will come on and post more! Hope this helps!
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
The average is about €25k. So people have done it for far less and for far more. So many factors decide the cost. Draw up a rough guest list to try and gauge how many will be at the wedding. That will be probably the most expensive part.
pesto24 Posts: 206
Our wedding is coming in at around €16,000 at the moment. We're finding the biggest costs are the reception dinner, the band and photographer. As for scheduling it next year, I would say if you can get a venue, church and entertainment booked next year, you have a wedding! The rest can be filled in! :wv
Capetown Posts: 976
A lot depends on numbers, venue etc. Will pm you a buget planner this afternoon which will give you a bit of an idea.
daboy Posts: 229
How long is a piece of string you could nearly ask! It really should be pointed out that the cost is dependant on what you choose, how many you invite, and how many extras you add into the pot. There are many threads on how to reduce the cost of a wedding on the site (Use the search and youll see!!), and I've seen people mention a figure as low as 7k for the wedding, incl dresses, suits and the whole shebag. As for a rushing if having a wedding next year as opposed to waiting 2 years. I'm gettin married next may ('08), which is now 10 months away, and we have shag all done apart from organising a venue and setting a date. If you were looking at next autumn then theres tons of time to get everything organised.
autumnbaba08 Posts: 127
[quote="Strawberry 75":3stvdl9h]A lot depends on numbers, venue etc. Will pm you a buget planner this afternoon which will give you a bit of an idea.[/quote:3stvdl9h] :wv Hi Strawberry 75 Would you mind sending but the budget planner too. Not engaged yet but have been dicussing with my DBF. I think it will be very handy when the time comes :thnk