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hd07 Posts: 42
Hi, I've set my heart on a knee or tea length wedding dress. I'm thinking of ordering this dress. [img:1f98j2ai]http://www.avioanni.com/gallery/686_Front.jpg[/img:1f98j2ai] [img:1f98j2ai]http://www.avioanni.com/gallery/686_Back.jpg[/img:1f98j2ai] It's only €350, I think it's lovely. Downside is nobody in Ireland seems to sell them, so I won't get to try it on before I order it. What do you think? There is no front on photo of it, but I like what I can see from the other photos. Any advice? Thanks, HD07
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
It's certainly a very pretty dress. It's quite a simple style, so you could probably try on simlar styled dresses in Monsoon, Coast, Debenhams, etc. and if they suit, then this dress should suit. I personally would be uncomfortable ordering a wedding dress online, but I know there are lots of brides here who do it and wouldn't buy in shops. Could you investigate whether there is somewhere in the UK that you could possibly get to? Bottom line, I do like the dress!!
hd07 Posts: 42
Thanks!! I got them to send me a photo of the dress front on, which kind of put me off it!!! They also sent me a lace sample which was nice! Think I'll go and try on in shops before I make any decision, HD