awful scare the other night

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lucky lamps Posts: 149
I was on my hols in lanzarote last week and had a show - not bloody (im only 27 weeks) so i ignored it as heard it can be normal and is not a sign on its own, but on sunday night i started getting regular pains and had really bad lower back pain, it kept me awake all night so i rang the hosp and they told me to come in with an overnight bag, i was so scared but thankfully everything was ok, the staff were brill!, they did a load of tests and baby was fine but it is oh so frightening :o( has anyone else ever had an experience like this, i havent told my mum yet, she will kill me for not telling her but didnt want her to worry!
happyfeet Posts: 1316
Oh you poor thing - im sure that was scary! Glad to hear everything ok now! Take it easy pet x
lifestooshort Posts: 2312
Oh god lucky lamps did yo uthink it was early labour? i'm going tenerife on thursday and very nervous bout it now.