Ba humbug, hate the snow

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Reecespieces Posts: 927
I know loads of you want a white Christmas and love snow but I have horrible memories from the last time we had snow (Feb this year?). Around where I live, some scum bags thought it would be great fun to pelt people getting off the bus with snowballs or people cycling home. I was one of those unfortunates and I nearly fell into the path of a car, from being hit with three very hard and large snowballs at once. It happened to me twice and then I just would not go inito work as I got paranoid about being pelted again. Im a grown woman, I loved the snow before this but what kind of mentality is out there when certain creatures think its ok to knock people down, when they are only trying to get home. One guard told that two eldery people ended up in hospital that time from being pelted with snowballs as they fell and fractured bones. Ba humbug, I know, but I have snow this morning and I went oh no.
bridey99 Posts: 550
Snow is great if you've nothing to do and nowhere to go. For those of us who do have to travel, it's a pain in the ass. Apart from traffic tailbacks, more crashes and people generally driving like idiots, air traffic is delayed or cancelled and that is no fun when you're travelling for Christmas.
msbelle Posts: 726
+1 bridey! i :lvs the snow if i can stay in and look out but i hate it when i have to travel! it can snow all it wants once i get my hols!!
*BabyMaker* Posts: 212
There is a very high/raised roundabout outside our estate & when we'd snow in Feb this yr a group of guys (14/15yrs old) stood on it & pelted snowballs at everyone driving by - they had no idea how dangerous it was. Well they got the shock of their lives when I stopped car halfway around the round about & got out & gave them a right mouthful; I then rang local gardai & told them what was going on; the lads thought I was messing but didn't think it 5mins later when a squad car came flying down the road - they took all their names & addresses & assured me they'd be going to see each of their parents. Whatever about throwing snowballs at a person ( not nice & yes it hurts & can be dangerous if unsuspected etc) throwing them at oncoming cars could be fatel.
JDD Posts: 1316
+1 Snow is beautiful to look at. That's it. I hate walking in it. I hate the snowballs. I hate the slush and ice. I panic every time I slip. I spend a fortune taking taxis everywhere. I'll take a week of rain over a week of snow.
MrsAH Posts: 3715
I love the snow, we live quite high up so there is a good chance of being snowed in!! That's my idea of a good day. Last year it took me 3 hours to get home in really bad conditions which was kinda annoying and scary. Haven't had any bad experiences with it but I can see why people don't like it.
Anahita Posts: 1161
I love the snow! ONLY, as someone else said, if you have no where to go! It took me 3 hrs to do a 20 min drive every day last year during that week in Feb. I even got stuck going over a speed ramp. Stupid rear wheel drive cars! Luckily some very nice people pushed me over it. O-O The only good thing about that week so getting half days every day :lvs
pixiebell Posts: 739
Love the snow... but i do have to say it's the one time i don't want to see it on Christmas day and my sister is due and i don't fancy delivering the baby!!! :o0 :o0 :o0