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twinssep Posts: 1242
well anyy movement girls
babe06 Posts: 898
no not a bloody thing - I posted the result of todays visit on July Mammies but basically stillg etting pains - all the time now but cervics hasn't budged. Feeling really rotten now. Back in next Tues and he was very positive about starting things off then. My mam had told me thats she was the exact same for all pregnancies - weeks of false labour and then had to be induced - which also took a good while. Guess I'm juts in for the same course. Baby is hoping all day - really worries me when he does this - he literally hasn't stopped and its uncomfortable - juts hope he/shes a footballer like his daddy!
babe06 Posts: 898
PS Thanks a million for asking - means alot
twinssep Posts: 1242
u poor thing have u been drinking raspberry leaf tea eating frsh pineapple hving loads of nupitials and hot currys oh and when u have finished all that a good long walk!!!!! im dying to hear ur good news
Royal Wolly Posts: 1020
Hiya.... still here :o( :o( See other posts and as Babe06 said, thanks a million for caring, it means a lot xxx
mummy bear Posts: 3824
girls are still here........ :o( cant believe it, well the very best of luck and hope that you are hoping your wee babas very soon :xox